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   Chapter 1120 Cold-Shoulder Treatment

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6589

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Forget it and just let her leave?

Darren could still remember clearly that Nora had tried to burn him and Rita to death. How could he possibly not avenge himself for that?

He would have already let Nora pay the price for this if it weren't for his fight against the HT Group.

Now that she was here, it was time for her to pay for what she had done!

"Just stay here for the time being. No one will know your location. I have something to attend to now, so don't you try to be clever!"

Darren stressed his last words, which chilled Nora and gave her goosebumps.

This man was a real monster!

Darren gestured for the driver to pull over the car. He glanced at Nora with narrowed eyes, full of contempt.

"Darren... I... I... Fine, I'll stay here..."

Seeing his cold glance and the unrelenting expression on his face, Nora finally compromised and swallowed back her words.

Inwardly, she comforted herself with Darren's promise that he would let her go after all this was over!

But the fear made her forget who Darren really was. There was no way for her to get out of this.

'Such a stupid woman!' Darren thought bleakly.

He watched her back as she got out of the car, and he hardened his expression. His head turned crookedly like a raven looking at roadkill.

Ring ring!

The phone in his pocket suddenly started ringing. Darren's eyes sparkled when he looked at the screen. He then gently open his mouth and said, "Bill, have you decided yet?"

Darren's choice of words seemed like sarcasm to Bill.

"I'm in Country F now, and I need to see you right away. Come and see me at MK!"

Bill forced these words shortly, gritting his teeth, while his voice quivered with anger. Darren could even imagine what his fat blubbering face would look like on the other side of the phone.


Darren drew out the syllables and licked his lips. He was only one step away from achieving his goal if Bill was here to see him in person.

ren was quite satisfied that the driver knew how to behave discreetly in front of him. He turned to the driver with a condescending attitude and handed him some large bills. "These are for you."

Inside KS Manor

Nora looked at all the fancy decorations, and her eyes almost popped out. Darren was still very rich despite being in such an awkward situation.

She felt regret then. She wouldn't have ended up like this if she hadn't done those things to Darren. After all, Darren had once really been in love with her!

What if…

Nora shook her head and immediately banished that thought from her mind. There was no "what if." All she could do now was get rid of him.


The door was suddenly kicked open. Nora quickly looked at the door in trepidation. Just as she had expected, Darren walked in with a frosty intent in his eyes, and his mouth curved into a deceptive smile. Seeing the smile on his face was like a knife piercing her heart.

Nora was nervous. She subconsciously backed away and stopped when her back reached the wall. Trapped, she watched in fear as Darren walked to her.

"Da… Darren..."

Nora tentatively called his name with the hope that Darren wouldn't be so brutal to her. She knew very well that she had tried to kill him, and Darren wouldn't let go of that easily.

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