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   Chapter 1119 Revenge

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At home

Bill stared off into space with a serious look. Country F had been his escape hatch. But Darren had gotten wind of this, and he also had something on him. If Darren burned their boat, what would he do then?

"Bill, are you worried about your business arrangements with Darren?" A familiar figure had suddenly appeared behind Bill.

At the mention of Darren, Agni gritted his teeth. How could he possibly have escaped from Jacob if Michelle hadn't helped him?

He would have gradually disappeared from the world if he hadn't met Bill here.

Agni spoke in a deep, slightly hoarse but soft voice. Darren was really good at betraying others and turning his back on them once he no longer had any use for them.

However, Agni had overestimated his power. Now Bill was a lost cause, and Darren had lost all his power and position. This presented a really good time to plot his revenge. After all, revenge was a dish best served cold.

Bill frowned as he fretted, and he said, "How could I possibly have trusted someone like Darren? I will be the first to be affected if there are any further disasters facing us. My conniving with him has only served to make matters worse!"

Bill had been working on his business for many years and had made friends with many people. But he had never met someone as scheming and manipulative as Darren, and, despite all his experience, Bill had accidentally fallen into his trap. Now, it was impossible for him to bounce back from Darren's clutches.

He was not content to simply relinquish what he had to Darren.

"Bill, what you fear is about to become a problem. Now that things have reached this stage, only God knows what Darren will do. If he reveals you to the public, what will happen to you then? You successfully helped him escape from that circus back in Jingshi City. But now, he is nowhere to be found. Even if you claim that Darren faked everything, how will you prove it? But as for you..."

Agni kept his own counsel and had his own agenda. He was just using Bill to achieve his goals and avenge himself against Darren.

ression on his face due to the dim light in his car.

Although Darren's words were a bitter pill to swallow, they were true. Nora gently nodded her head and said, "Darren, we are divorced. You... You don't have to be mean about that. I was out on a date with Mr. Wang just recently. Since you have someone you love, and I have found mine... Let's… Let's just put an end to all this bickering and name-calling. It's not good for either of us!"

Nora was really afraid. To her, Darren was a monster—one that she dreamed of every night in her nightmares.

"That's a good joke!"

Darren chuckled and put out the cigarette with his long, slender fingers as he stubbed it against the ashtray. They could both hear the heavy sound of their breathing, which chilled Nora to the marrow.

He was angry!

Very angry!

Because of something she had said!

Actually, Darren was quite pathetic. He had loved only two women in his life, and they had both ended up falling in love with his own brother, David. And Rita had even borne children for him.

Nora inwardly reflected on this. She didn't dare show any sign of her thoughts on her face, though.

"Darren… I... I... That's not what I meant. I know I have a bad reputation. And my presence here will only make you awkward... How about… How about we call it a day? I will leave immediately and disappear from your world. I promise..."

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