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   Chapter 1118 It Is So Silly Of Me To Believe Him

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Her weak voice was filled with a multitude of emotions, such as sadness, joy, and fear… What she had suffered over these past days had proven to be worthwhile. Now, she was happy.

During the days when she had been in a coma, she had clearly felt that Jacob was with her the whole time. But there had been a strange force in her body that had kept her from opening her eyes and hugging the fragile man keeping watch by her bed.

Emily had struggled hard until she had finally defeated that evil power.

Now, she had at last been able to wake up.

Emily could feel that her body was no longer heavy, and she felt light of spirit and was in a good mood. She could also feel Jacob's love and the warmth of him radiate out to shape her world.

She loved herself, but she loved Jacob more.

That was enough for her.

Emily didn't want to think about anything else or care about anything else.

"Jacob, will we have a perfectly happy life?"

Her dark, watery eyes were sparkling with an intense crystal light, and her eyes were filled with expectation.

Emily was afraid that Jacob would again separate from her for the same reason as before. She was afraid that Jacob would hate her, and she was even afraid that he might give up on her entirely.

She would rather lose her life than lose the man she loved.

"Yes, we will. We will!"

Hearing Emily's question, Jacob was so happy that he kept nodding his head with sparkling tears splashing from his eyes.

He cared about nothing else except Emily.

He hugged and kissed her crazily yet carefully, as if he was kissing the most precious treasure in his whole life.

However, a voice interrupted them all of a sudden.

"President Gu."

Jacob's face grew sullen as he paused. He pulled the quilt over Emily's body and protected her by wrapping her in his arm. He asked in a cold voice, "What's the matter?"

'Who is fucking calling me now?' he thought, angry at the interruption.

"It's Seamus. He says that he wants to see Ms. Emily,"

the bodyguard explained in a low voice, lowering his eyes. He looked embarrassed. Emily had still been in a coma when he had come in several minutes ago. Why had she woken up so soon? The bodyguard secretly prayed in his heart that he hadn't irritated the president.


Emily, who was in Jacob's arms, blinked her eyes and pursed her red lips slightly. Hearing Seamus's name, she was reminded in a flash of the series of traps that Seamus had built to ensnare her. Thinking of this, she couldn't help feeling sad.

She gently grabbed Jacob's collar wi

ed furiously with his teeth clenched. He was now sitting in his car and holding the steering wheel tightly until even his joints turned white because of the force. His cold eyes were dark, like a bottomless abyss. Gradually, there appeared a cluster of violent lights inside his eyes.

He looked so mad, as if he could rip Darren apart with his bare hands.

Darren was good at playing tricks. Even though he was in trouble, he still managed to keep the news about him from spreading to the outside world. And Seamus wouldn't have been able to find Darren's whereabouts if he hadn't come to the hospital.

The people in the village had all been a part of his childhood, and a part of his best loved family! They were innocent!

How could Darren have been so cold-blooded to do something like that?

Jacob was right. It was so stupid of him to have believed Darren's story and put his beloved woman in danger.

'Damn it!' Seamus raged and swore.

"Do everything you can to find out what Darren's location is right now! Issue a chase order. Darren is the target!"

Putting his cell phone to his ear, Seamus barked out some orders while a murderous gleam filled his feverish eyes.

His narrowed his eyes and soon, they were filled with a gloomy and sullen light.

He would make compensation to Emily in his own way.


There was a low voice from the phone. Seamus kept silent for a while as he listened. Several seconds later, he gritted his teeth and opened his mouth as if he had made up his mind. "Buy a ticket for me as soon as you find out where he is now. I'll see to him myself."

Darren was a cunning man, so Seamus was worried that his men were not up to finishing the task.


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