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   Chapter 1117 She Woke Up

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7447

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The fire had become a chasm between him and Rita. If it weren't for that fire, how could David ever have hoped to find Rita?

It was all because of Nora.

"What fire?"

Nora's body stiffened at first, and then she shook her head in confusion and vaguely answered, "I don't remember."

She was not stupid enough to confess her crime.


As if he had heard the biggest joke in the world, Darren sneered, turned his body, and stood facing her, leaving Nora shrouded in his shadow. He raised his hand to her chin and stared into her eyes. "Don't you remember what you did?"

"You must have misunderstood. I don't know anything about a fire."

Shrinking back and gnashing her teeth, Nora forced herself to look back at Darren with her neck stiff while pretending to be calm. "Ask someone to investigate it and come back to me with facts. Otherwise, Mr. Wang will not let you go."

With her fingers trembling uncontrollably behind her back, she became cool and aloof over time. Nora was now desperately counting on Mr. Wang.

Anyway, she had been with Mr. Wang for a long time. He would not let her fail in vain.

"Mr. Wang?"

Darren's thin and cold lips suddenly curved up when he looked at her, and when he moved his head to one side, the curve formed a wicked and profound smile on his face. After measuring her up with his eyes for a long time, he grinned and shook his head, and then took a seat while remaining upright.

Obviously, Nora felt a sense of something horrible emanating from his smile, as if that smile could draw a net of death around her.

"Can his money save you?"

Drumming on the armrest with his fingers, Darren made Nora's heartstrings tighten. She tried to control her breathing to avoid showing her nervousness, but she could not stop her voice from trembling. "Of... Of course."

"Which do you think is more valuable? Your life or the KING Group?"

Darren's smile did not diminish nor did the evil in it, and his unpredictable eyes were staring at Nora.

Then, he lowered his head and randomly played with his mobile phone with his eyes lowered and his voice fading away.

But it made Nora feel even more unbearable pressure.

Her expression suddenly froze and half o

nds. The glittering expectation in his black eyes would not disappear.

His Emily was about to wake up, finally!

Unable to restrain his excitement, Jacob grasped Emily's slender fingers, stroked her hands gently, and felt the warmth in her palm. He felt the sharp pain of desperation in his heart, as if someone was cutting it with a knife.


Seemingly responding to his excitement and touch, Emily's pale lips parted and uttered a vague sound. If Jacob had not been paying attention, she would not have been heard at all.

"Emily? Emily?"

Kneeling at the bedside, Jacob kept stroking Emily's thin cheeks constantly, with his large and powerful palm quivering in excitement and concern.

His Emily…

Finally, she was coming back to life!

Her dark and long eyelashes flickered slightly, then opened to reveal her dark but clear eyes. Once she opened her eyes, all that she saw was Jacob's tear-filled face.

Emily felt a stabbing pain in her heart. She wanted to raise her hand to touch Jacob's angular cheeks, but her limbs were very weak, and she could not lift them under her own weight, for she had not used her muscles for a long time due to her coma.

Keenly perceiving Emily's intention, Jacob hastened to lower his face to her palm, and he placed her cool hand against his face. He placed his own large hand on her brow, as if he were taking her temperature, and he was taking care of the most precious treasure in the whole world.


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