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   Chapter 1116 Threat

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6921

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Bill was simply too angry to speak while his brain was doing all sorts of calculations in his head. "Give me some time to think about it!"

He needed to stall Darren for as long as he could. After all, who would be willing to give away everything they had striven for their whole life?

'Think about it?'

Darren knew that Bill was just trying to wriggle out of this. Unfortunately, Bill wasn't going to succeed this time, because no matter where he was, Darren would find him and make him agree to these terms.

"Very well, I'll give you an hour. But I will report you to the police if I don't get a satisfying answer by then!"

Darren's eyes sparkled and his lips curved up into an evil smirk, as if everything was well within his control.

All of a sudden, Darren froze and his pupils contracted. The anger he was trying so hard to contain finally broke out.

The sight his eyes were seeing right now shocked him to the core.

He immediately recognized the slim and enchantingly beautiful woman rubbing up against a middle-aged man, pushing her bosom to his face.

"Mr. Wang..."

The sound of her moaning echoed through the entire room.

However, she had no idea that Darren was watching them.

Darren squinted his eyes and pursed his lips.

The woman was Nora. Someone he would never forget.

Darren slowly strode to her, trying his best to hide his eyes as they were blazing with fury. "Nora!"

The familiarity of his voice froze Nora's body almost instantly.

The sudden appearance of Darren sent a shiver down Nora's spine and chilled her bones to the marrow.

The smile on her face suddenly crumbled and she ran away as fast as she could without even explaining to Mr. Wang what had happened.

What could Darren possibly be doing here?

Out of all the places in the world, what was he doing here?

Fear flowed through her blood and spread all over her body, taking away her ability to reason.

However, despite her effort, there was no way she could really outrun Darren and escape. Besides, she was wearing black stockings an

ie laughter grew louder when he looked back at Nora, who was trembling in utter despair.

Was she afraid?

Darren grabbed her hand and yanked her as hard as he could. "Come with me!"

"No! Stop! Please, don't do this!" Nora voice quivered in fear. There was a familiar hint of malice and atrocity in his eyes that gave her goosebumps.

Memories of all the painful and unhappy moments she had spent with Darren rushed back into her mind. Even the voices she had long suppressed in her head came back again.

'Darren is a monster. He's going to eat you alive!'

Out of desperation, she cast an imploring glance at Mr. Wang, but the man didn't even bat an eyelid. His eyes and attention were only focused on one person—Darren.

He didn't know who Darren was exactly, but he thought that Nora would make a great bargaining chip if he ever needed to cooperate with him.

"Let go of me!"

Nora was flung into his car like a garbage bag. She lay back on the seat and moaned in pain while trying to keep some distance from Darren. "What are you going to do?"

"I know you are the one who set the fire. I didn't bother you about that back then because we were a married couple. Now that we've met here, do you still think that I will let you get away with it so easily?" Darren's eyes were overflowing with contempt and coldness. "I haven't forgotten what you've done!"

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