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   Chapter 1115 A Desperate Struggle

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7596

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Walking down a street in a foreign country, Darren looked straight ahead with promise in his eyes. Between his fingers, he held a half-burnt cigarette, out of which wisps of silver grey smoke curled and danced their way through the thick, hazy air in this unknown place.

Indeed, Bill deserved a round of applause for doing such a remarkable job. After all, Darren was not only out of jail, but also out of Jacob's reach. Without Bill's help, he wouldn't have been able to set foot in F Country. Now, Darren's top priority was to avoid being seen by Jacob's men, at least until he could get his hands on the money he had safely kept hidden.

Having not taken a bath for several days in prison, the stench exuding from his body made pedestrians avoid him, as if he had some kind of a life-threatening disease. Faced with abuse and reproach, he could feel the resentment in their words even though he didn't fully understand their language.

Yet he made no resistance, nor did he struggle. Meanwhile, Jacob's men hadn't stopped searching for him. It was only a matter of time before Jacob would find him here. Darren had many ways to escape, but not all of them could be trusted.

Darren could not lose this fight at any cost!

Slowly, he took out an inexpensive burner phone from his pocket. For now, Bill was the only man he could turn to and the only man who could help him get to that sum of money and stage a comeback.

With this in mind, Darren called Bill's number through a virtual private network.

"Hello, who is this?" Bill looked at the number on his screen with deep apprehension. For reasons not known to him, Bill felt as though something bad was going to happen to him.

"It's me, Bill! Great wits have short memories! You just got me out of jail and now you've forgotten me?" Darren mocked Bill's intelligence. In Darren's eyes, Bill was nothing but a savage man with a simple mind and a quick temper.

However, taking his dire situation into consideration, Darren had to submit to humiliation even though he didn't really respect Bill.


Bill was terrified of Darren; that much was made clear by the trembling in his voice. After all, the incriminating evidence Darren's assistant was in possession of was more than enough to send

s more concerned about the social connections he had gained over the years at the cost of his life. Giving all his social connections to Darren would essentially mean giving away half of his life's wealth to Darren for nothing.

Darren had to pull the phone away from his ears because Bill's voice was so loud. He put it close enough to his ear again and said, "Well, I am robbing you now, aren't I?"

"You are asking for too much. I can promise you anything except my social connections!"

Bill's social connections meant everything to him. It was impossible to subject his own social connections to someone like Darren.

On the other hand, however, Bill knew that he would lose everything if he couldn't satisfy Darren's request this time.

Darren was not surprised by Bill's reaction. Tapping his foot on the floor slightly, he calmly but firmly said, "This isn't too much. I am just asking for my share."

At the beginning of this conversation, all Darren had wanted was some money and just enough social connections to ensure his safety, but when Bill had raised his voice at him, Darren had decided to add more to his list of demands.

"No way!" Bill replied resolutely.

Darren, however, still had a confident smile on his face. For some reason, his treacherous eyes showed a strong sense of calmness. "You should cherish what you have in your life. I wouldn't bet against me if I were you. After all, isn't it better to lose half of your life's wealth than to lose everything you hold dear?"

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