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   Chapter 1114 She Is My Wife

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8125

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Even if Emily had asked to separate, Jacob would never have agreed to that. No matter what happened, he wanted to be with Emily forever!

Jacob's words irritated Louis and riled him up enough for him to want to kick Jacob's ass, but Jacob didn't give him the chance at all. Instead, Jacob just turned around and went back into the ward.

He just didn't want to talk to Louis. Although Jacob could see Louis's kindness and his concern for Emily, Jacob would never allow anyone to take Emily away, no matter what their intention was. And that included Emily's father and even her brother!

In the ward, Hunk leaned forward over the bed and looked down at his daughter, who had not woken up yet. He was stroking Emily's face with his trembling wrinkle-covered hands, for he was so worried about her.

Emily's two children were also looking at their mother, who was lying quietly in bed, with tears shinning in their eyes.

This scene deeply touched Jacob's heart, and he swallowed heavily at the emotions that threatened to choke his throat. After a while, he went over to Hunk and the children and said in a deep voice, "She will wake up. You don't have to worry!"

'She will...

She will wake up!'

Jacob wearily comforted himself in his heart.

"Daddy, will Mommy really wake up?"

Beryl asked in a choking voice with her delicate little lips curled up, while her long, black eyelashes flickered, and her eyes filled with a stream of tears.

She had heard from the other children in the kindergarten that there were catatonic people in the world. They could breathe just like normal people, but they would never wake up or hear what their loved ones said... The children also told her that such kinds of people were called the dead-alive men.

Beryl didn't know what a dead-alive person looked like, but she knew what a dead person looked like.

Jacob paused for a second. The light in his eyes fluttered and then extinguished like a candle in the wind. The doctor's words still reverberated in his memories. "Ms. Emily is in a stable condition for now. But because she has lost excessive blood, and she has a serious mental illness, she is very reluctant to wake up, so..."

Jacob couldn't remember the rest of the doctor's words. All he knew was that Emily didn't want to wake up or see him again!

Besides, he was worried that what Beryl had said earlier would come true.

Nevertheless, he was still Ber


After all, the children were innocent!

"All right... I'll give you another chance today considering the two children. Let's wait for Yvonne to make the decision when she wakes up!"

Considering Emily, his beloved daughter, and her two babies, Hunk, who had always been a man of his word, finally compromised.

Louis shook his head sadly and helplessly. This must be what a selfless father's love looked like.


Jacob was surprised, for he hadn't expected that Hunk would compromise so soon. Hunk's serious expression with his tightly knitted eyebrows had intimidated Jacob, and he had thought that Hunk would refuse his request. So, Hunk's words were indeed a surprise to him.

Now that they had reached an agreement, Louis soon left with the rest of the family. But before leaving, they ordered several of the Ke Family's servants to stay in the hospital. Although they said that the reason why they did so was to look after Emily, Jacob understood without a doubt that they were there to guard against him.

But Jacob didn't care about that.

All he wanted was Emily. As long as he could be with her, he didn't mind being watched by their servants.

Even if they had endured massive hardships in their marriage, and even if there was no one who supported him to be with Emily, he didn't care, and he still wanted to be with her.

After asking the nurse to take good care of Emily, Jacob then left the hospital. Although he wanted to be with Emily all the time, Darren and Bill were like ticking time bombs that could bring danger at any time. Therefore, he dared not relax at all!

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