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   Chapter 1113 The Last Time Jacob Saw His Children

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7785

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Jacob wanted to destroy Darren and his confederates because their very existence presented the greatest threat to Emily and their children.

The silence from his enemies was the reason behind Jacob's anxiety. He was worried about what their next move would be. Looking out though the window and gazing deep into the moon for a while, he finally left the office for the hospital.

At the company, he was alone, and he felt lonely. But at the hospital, his wife and his children were waiting for him. Although Emily was still lying in bed and couldn't talk to him, she was still his family. Just looking at her eased his mind. Temporarily, the threat from Darren would shift to the back of his mind. Hence, Jacob and Emily could enjoy their happy life in these moments. But that was just temporary. Because if Darren came back again sometime later to take revenge, Emily and their children would be in danger once more.

Jacob opened the door of the ward and, step by step, he tiptoed over to Emily's bed. Although he was aware that she wasn't able to hear anything, he still acted considerately.

Emily was lying on the bed, and her pale and thin face looked like a soulless doll.

'At least Emily has been successfully rescued. I'm really happy about that. If I expect more, I'm afraid that God might think I'm a greedy person, ' Jacob thought to himself.

After taking off his cold shoes and clothes, Jacob lifted the quilt and lay down next to Emily on her warm bed. Then, he embraced her tightly in his arms and fixed his eyes on her face. His black eyes were full of love and affection.

After a while, Jacob leaned in closer to Emily and kissed her on the forehead. Then, he also closed his eyes.

The next morning, when Jacob awoke, he opened his eyes and saw that the sunlight had already flooded in through the gap between the curtains.

He glanced at his beautiful wife, who was still lying next to him with her eyes closed. If the machine beside Emily's bed hadn't been working and beeping rhythmically, Jacob would have thought that she had stopped breathing.

Just as he had done the night before, Jacob kissed Emily and then got out of the bed, went to the bathroom, washed his face, and rinsed his mouth. After that, he went to help the nurse, who had silently come in, to clean Emily up with great ten

nd Emily were in danger?' Louis blamed Jacob in his heart.

Jacob raised his handsome face with determination glinting in his dark eyes, and he opened his mouth as he tried hard to hold back his anger. "Just leave me alone. This doesn't concern you!"

The more that people got involved, the more those people would be in danger. In fact, Jacob was just unwilling to let Louis risk himself for his sake. But he didn't say it.

Of course, Louis was well aware of this.

This angered him even more. Glaring at Jacob with his cold blue eyes, Louis cried out, gnashing his teeth, "I just care about my sister! For me and my father, Emily's safety and her life are more important than anything else! I won't let anyone hurt her!

After what happened last time, my father has already lost all his faith in you. From now on, we'll be taking personal care of Yvonne. Therefore, don't show yourself to Emily and the kids again. Today… Today is the last time that you'll see them!"

Louis finally said to Jacob according to Hunk's instructions, though he clenched his teeth as conflicting emotions flashed on his face. He saw that Jacob's eyes darkened upon hearing his words.

Louis's words were fashioned like a dagger, mercilessly stabbing into Jacob's heart and twisting there.

Jacob's black eyes shone as cold as ice and as sharp as knives. Then, with a strange gleam settling in his eyes, Jacob answered with certainty, "Emily is my wife. Beryl and Bowen are my children. We are a family. It's really not up to you or Hunk to decide for us!"

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