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   Chapter 1112 Medical Parole

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"Piss off!"

Angered by his embarrassment, Bill growled and snarled curses behind the assistant's back. With a thin smile to savor his victory curving on his face, the assistant walked away.

Bill thought it was almost time for Darren to be released on parole.

In the West Prison

Darren was wearing a light blue prison uniform. His sullen face exuded an imposing aura despite the slight stubble on his chin.

Although he had been reduced to a prisoner, his overwhelming influence still left people terrified.

Anyone who looked him deeply in the eyes would feel scared and panicked.

With a casual glimpse at the iron chains binding his ankles, a disdainful smile crept onto his lips as he shuffled along.


Seated in the visitors' room, Darren's arranged lawyer was waiting for him as expected. "I need to talk to my lawyer in private. Could you excuse us for a few minutes?" Darren said as he saw the policeman standing beside him.


Darren had the right to talk privately with his lawyer. Clutching his baton, the policeman muttered a curse and finally left.

He stood guard right outside the door now.


Darren tilted his head, ruminating. Tapping the documents the lawyer passed to him with his fingertips, he teased, "Is this the way Bill plans to exonerate me?"

Psychosis was no laughing matter. If they didn't dot all their i's and cross all their t's, the rest of his life would be ruined in this prison, without any possibility of a turnaround.

"Please rest assured. I have everything prepared for you. You just need to state categorically that you have paranoid psychosis, and that you have completely forgotten what has happened. I will take care of the rest,"

the shrewd lawyer explained to Darren as he adjusted his glasses.

Being a successful lawyer who had served many old and well-known families, these tactics were already engraved in his memory.


Darren squinted at the lawyer with a deep and terrifying expression. "The price is up to you as long as you can prove my innocence. Bill's money will be paid separately."

It was impossible for him to take revenge on Jac

o searching for him in D Country. So, F Country is his last choice for sanctuary. What's more, it is Bill's base camp!"

'F Country!'

Jacob thought to himself. His indignation turned into a chilling aura that kept everyone away.

"I won't let you go, even if you go to the ends of the earth!" he bellowed, even though Darren was not there to hear.

Hearing this, even Sam jerked in response. Having followed Jacob for so many years, he knew that Jacob had really crossed the limits of his fury this time.

"Utilize everything at our disposal to search for Darren. I will transfer the KING Group to the man who can find Darren first!"

Now that Darren had fled into exile, Jacob had become the only man who could take over the KING Group. This promised reward was enough to encourage anyone to search for Darren by any means possible!

"As you wish!"

Sam replied. Jacob's words were exactly what Sam had expected. For Jacob, nothing was important when compared to Emily, even much-coveted money, fame, and might!

Silence descended upon the room after Sam's departure. Sam knew Jacob needed some time to think and unwind.

Emily was still in a coma, almost half-dead. Jacob had no reason to let the man who had harmed her get away with attempted murder.

"Darren! Bill!"

These two names were hissed menacingly from between Jacob's clenched teeth. Hatred and perseverance clung to Jacob like the warmth from a burning sun.

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