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   Chapter 1111 Partners In Crime

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"Ladies and gentlemen, that's all for today's press conference. Please, make your own arrangements next."

Seeing the nosy reporters still staring at Darren and at the police escorting him away, Jacob made an astute announcement.

Not unexpectedly, all the cameras started to turn to Darren as soon as he said this, regardless of the police around him.

These news-hungry reporters could hardly wait to fire off one question after another at him.

"Mr. Xu, can you explain your involvement in the kidnapping?"

"Mr. Xu, can you elaborate on the charge of murder?"

"Mr. Xu, is there any chance for KING Group to..."

"Mr. Xu, you're accused of kidnapping Ms. Emily. Does that mean there is a deep grudge between you and Mr. Gu?

"Everybody! We'll announce the outcome of our investigation to the public in due course. Please, don't make up any stories before then. Thank you!" said one of the police officers with great seriousness as he moved ahead of Darren through the crowd.

Then, they took Darren to the police car right away.

When the door slammed shut, the noisy hum of the reporters was finally cut off.

As the crowd thronged outside, Darren's assistant made his way to the corner of the table where Darren had just been standing.

He reached for something, and then quickly turned his back to the crowd.

In his hand was a cell phone.

There was a message typed on the screen.

"If you want to live, get me out of jail!"

The receiver was Bill.

Darren had sent this emergency text when he had seen things turn ugly for him.

The assistant stared at the screen, planning something in his mind.

Although Bill hadn't replied to the message, he must have seen it.

The assistant held the cell phone tightly with a determined look on his face.

Now, only Bill could save Darren.

He had to act before Jacob found out!

So. he turned around and ran out abruptly.

At this time, Jacob was unaware of the fact that a fish was escaping from his net.

At a suburba


He had to take back the initiative.

This little assistant of Darren's was just a nobody. He was not ready to risk everything.

However, Bill would soon be proven wrong.

The assistant shrugged his shoulders, picked up the document from the ground while his lip curled into an amicable smile, and he then gently smoothed out the paper, trying to appear casual.

"All right, let's wait and see. I'm going to call the police when I get out of here. With you to keep him company, I believe Mr. Xu won't feel lonely in jail."

The assistant smiled and gave him a meaningful look. "Just think about it!"

Before Bill could respond, he spun on his heel and walked to the door with no apparent intention of stopping.

He silently counted as he was walking away.

'Three, two, one!'

Not surprisingly, Bill caved in.

"Wait! I'm in!"

Bill clenched his fists. His veins on his arms throbbed as his cheeks twitched, and he spat on the ground.

Darren had no one else to turn to, and Bill was his last hope. Despite them not being friends, Darren had no other avenue of rescue to pursue.

"Deal!" The assistant finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Standing with his hands behind his back, he smiled lightly and added, "Then I'll be waiting for your good news. Medical parole shouldn't be difficult for you to achieve."

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