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   Chapter 1110 Arrest

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Those journalists were not fools. They knew that the situation had reached the point of no return. Everything Darren had said in the recording would be all over the papers tomorrow. They couldn't let Darren or Jacob remain silent about this.

They tried their best to push the bodyguards away and scrambled for every last morsel of information that could make up this breaking news.

Darren glared at Jacob with dark angry eyes once the recording had stopped playing. He gritted his teeth and violently blinked his eyes while his nose flared like a bull about to storm ahead.

He had been too careless. Darren would not have ended up in this awkward situation if he had paid a little more attention to what Jacob had been doing in the car.

But Darren was not capable of self-blame, given his monumental arrogance. He could not see that he had only himself to blame for ending up in this mess. Typical of the egotistical maniac that he was, he thought it was all because of Jacob being such a cunning fox.

"Jacob, how dare you falsify such a recording!"

Darren's face was stagnant with ill-suppressed anger as he glared at Jacob continuously.

It had never occurred to him that Jacob might record what he had said in the car!

A fatal attack!

Now, Darren was trying his best to stall for time and find an opportunity for him to reverse the situation. Any part of the recording could land him in prison. His own mouth had condemned him!

Darren gave a meaningful look to his assistant with his sneaky eyes.

Now that everything had been exposed to the public, Seamus would definitely come to interrogate him. He would surely not remain Darren's ally then. The only person that could get him out of this mess was Bill.

"Fabricated? I'm not like you. I made thorough preparations before all of this. Darren, remember I told you that you would pay for what you've done in the end?" Jacob laughed.

Jacob's eyes were sparkling, and his mouth curved into a smug smile. He winked at Sam, who then walked into the room with a computer in his hands, followed

saying, "Jacob, don't you think so?"

Only Jacob could see that Darren's eyes were blazing with fury, conveying the message that Darren wanted to kill Jacob immediately.

Jacob chuckled and playfully said, "Sure."

He was not afraid of Darren at all, now that Darren had walked into his trap.

Darren was handcuffed and escorted outside by the policemen. He suddenly saw his assistant rushing to him as he was leaving and said to the policemen, "Officers, since I'm not convicted, can I give some business instructions about my company to my assistant?"

He thought to himself that even if everyone thought the recording was real, the police couldn't prove anything against him since they had no other evidence.

He walked to his assistant, accompanied by the policemen, and said to him while directly looking him in the eye, "Run the company for me and attend to the business just as I told you before!"


The assistant understood the implications in his words and looked at Darren with concern. He then pursed his lips but suddenly saw Darren gently shaking his head.

He sighed inwardly and refrained from asking anything else.

There was no use in saying anything further. He could only do as Darren had told him. That was the only way to save him.

The policemen didn't notice anything wrong with what Darren had said and took him to the police car.

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