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   Chapter 1108 Life In Danger

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"Didn't I ask you to hurry? Why is she still in danger?"

Darren was listening from behind Jacob's back. His mouth curved into an evil smile upon hearing this news.

Emily was in danger.

"Tell them to do whatever it takes to save Emily!"

Jacob shouted at the person on the other side of the phone. He was nervous and rushed to his car without paying any further attention to Darren.

"Jacob, where are you going?"

Darren looked at him and chuckled with a vile grin. He narrowed his eyes and stood in front of Jacob, blocking his way.

At the same time, the bodyguards he had called earlier had arrived. They all surrounded Jacob, keeping him from leaving.

"Get away!" Jacob gritted his teeth, turned, and tried to run the other way.

However, those bodyguards caught up to him and surrounded him once again.

"Jacob, you can't leave,"

the head of the bodyguards said in a low voice.


Seeing this, Jacob hardened his look and became fiercely angry, though he tried his best to contain his anger. He then grabbed Darren's collar and said, "Do you know that the doctors are trying their best to save her life right now? She is dying! And it's all because of you!"


Darren looked down at his rumpled collar with a nonplussed expression and then chuckled. He raised his eyes and gave Jacob a provoking look. "What does her dying have to do with me? I couldn't care less!"


Jacob's breathing became heavy with emotion, and he had a deadly look about him. He then clenched his fists and got ready to punch Darren in the face.

But he was stopped by the bodyguards just as he began to swing his fist. They ruthlessly knocked him to the ground.


Jacob was pressed against the sidewalk by the bodyguards without any consideration of his struggle or existing injuries. The side of his face was shoved down on the concrete, and he choked on the dusty walkway.

He desperately struggled, and hatred burned in his eyes.

"Jacob, save your strength. You can't change anything now that Emily is dying. Just come back to the HT Group with me. Those journalists are waiting for you to sign the contract and transfer


"Ah!" Jacob hummed and frowned in pain as he fought to draw in breath.

"Innocent? I should say that I liberated them. What's the point of them living without dignity?"

Darren looked at him with contempt and considered giving the order for another punch.

"It was up to them to decide how to live. What does it have to do with you? Darren, you are bound to pay for it in the end!"

Jacob spat these words of anger from his mouth, gritting his teeth in rage and pain.

Those innocent villagers, just like Emily, had done nothing wrong.

How could they have deserved such a terrible fate?!

Darren laughed, rocking his body back and forth as if he had heard some big joke, but his eyes were still overflowing with contempt.

He then leaned closer to Jacob and took his chin in a vice grip, saying, "Do you think I will pay for this in the end? I didn't pay for it when I killed my brother and kidnapped my nephew. Do you think I will pay for it now? Those villagers that were burned alive don't even dare to haunt me. You think you are benevolent? But what about your condition now? You are now my prisoner and have been thoroughly beaten by me. Who do you think you are now? What about me now? I am living just as well as before. And I will be running this city before long!"

His words chilled everyone in the car to the marrow. Even the bodyguards were freaked out and quivered while they avoided making eye contact with Darren.

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