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   Chapter 1107 Have A Big Fight

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'Mr. President, you must hurry up!' Sam thought in a panic.

At this critical moment, Darren's cell phone suddenly rang in his pocket. For Sam, this notification tone was very important, for it could ease the situation and delay Darren further. When he heard the bells chiming, Sam finally allowed his nervousness to ease, and a thought-provoking smile appeared on his face.

'It's done!' Sam thought.

Darren's reaction confirmed Sam's speculation.

Darren had been relaxed and even cocky only moments before. However, now, his whole body suddenly stiffened with tension, and his breathing also became heavy. He swung about and stared at Sam violently with his eyes turning red.

"How dare you play a trick on me!"

Darren had received a message, and the message read, "Jacob has taken Emily away!"

"What did you say, Mr. Xu?" Sam looked at the ground with his eyes demurely lowered. "Sorry, I don't understand," he said in a cold voice.

"You are such a devious character! I really shouldn't look down on you!"

Darren's face was gloomy, and his temperament became indifferent. He clapped his hands emphatically and continued in a sarcastic tone, "What a good trick!"

Now, Darren finally realized that the press conference that Jacob had scheduled was just a ploy, and that Jacob's real purpose had been to trap him here so as to quietly rescue Emily from his backyard! Effectively, Jacob had snatched her from under Darren's nose!

"You must be joking, Mr. Xu." Sam's tone was still very calm. He folded his arms and bowed slightly in an act that was more of an insult than a show of respect to Darren.

But Darren knew that Sam's true colors were hiding beneath his deceptively calm face. Sam had his scheming tricks.

"I'd like to see if he can get away with it!"

Darren squinted his eyes, and there was a strange glint reflected in his eyes. His temperament gave off a sense of aggressiveness and left people chilled at the tone of his voice.

Without waiting for Sam's answer, he quickly walked away through the crowd, an indifferent expression still in place on his face. He looked so intimidating that nobody dared to get close to him, bar his way, or even talk to him.

Several reporters, who were trailing after Darren, hadn't expected that the situation would turn out like this. They all looked at each other with doubt and confusion in their eyes, but none of them dared to ask about the turn of events. The only thing they could do now was to seize this opportunity to take some photos of Darren. At the same time, they had to comfort themselves that it had still been worthwhile to come here.

"Damn it!" Darren stepped on the gas after getting into his car. His hand tightly clenched the steering wheel with the flicker of a rage-filled light simmering in his eyes. "Damn it!" he scolded after a long ti

merely taking Emily away?"

He hadn't expected that Jacob had called the police, so in his opinion, Jacob was just saying these words to vent his anger.


Jacob was not intimidated by Darren's arrogance. He just looked at Darren with contempt as he said sarcastically, "Without Emily, what else do you think you have to bargain with me?"

While refuting Darren, Jacob was thinking about how to deal with him.

Darren was here in front of him now, but he had no way to take him to the police station. Darren also seemed to have discovered that Emily had been rescued. Continuing to argue here was just a waste of time. Jacob knew that if he didn't have any concrete evidence, then Darren wouldn't be punished as he so richly deserved.

Jacob's eyelashes fluttered, and he clenched his fingers into a fist. Suddenly, an idea flashed in his mind, so he secretly pressed his mobile phone in his pocket.

He wanted to give Darren a good show!

He stood up and pretended to be cruel. Then, he walked over to Darren and warned him with his scarlet eyes, saying, "You'd better pray that Emily is safe. Otherwise, I won't let you go easily."

"Jacob, don't..."

Before Darren had finished his words, Jacob's phone started ringing.

They were standing in the middle of the road at that moment with cars whizzing past on either side, honking at their two luxury cars that had stopped across two lanes. Jacob glanced at the traffic police on guard not far away, then he turned around and walked to the side of the road with his phone still pressed tightly to his ear.

Darren also followed him to the curb.


Standing in front of Darren, Jacob was suddenly stunned. He clung to his cell phone so tightly that his joints had even turned white. His eyes were growing more and more red, while his face became pale and colorless. As he spoke, his voice began to tremble.

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