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   Chapter 1106 Lure The Tiger From The Mountain

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Out of instinct and mutual affinity, Emily lifted her weak arm, trying to reach out to the black figure. Yet, her arm finally sank under its own weight until it rested limply on the floor. The excessive loss of blood had drained away the last of her strength.

Her voice dropped to a hoarse whisper.

"Jacob... Jacob..." she moaned feebly, hovering on the verge of death.

Her Jacob had finally come to rescue her.

Yet... She already had one foot in the grave.


Panic-stricken and with his eyes flaring wide open, Jacob ran down the stairs to lift her frail body. He stroked the side of her face with his trembling fingers, and the striking bloodstain almost sent him into a catatonic state as he swooned over the crimson patterns.

"It's okay. I am here. Everything will be okay!"

Jacob was unable to fully see the serious injuries on her arms due to the dim light. All he could do was to hold her in his arms and warm her cold body with his body heat. With an extremely soft voice, he tried his best to soothe her and assure her of his presence.

The pain and torture that had accumulated over these past few days made Emily slip into unconsciousness the moment Jacob held her in his arms. Yet, his embrace was so warm and familiar that it made her lips curve into a thin smile.


Jacob had no idea of Emily's physical condition until he carried her out of the damp basement. In the blink of an eye, Jacob's pupils contracted, and he almost blacked out as if a pair of fierce hands were beating his heart and strangling him by the neck.

At this moment, his Emily looked like a fractured doll. She was pale-faced and still wearing blood-stained hospital clothes–it was a mind-numbing sight for Jacob to behold. Even her arms were covered with blood stains.

As warm blood still dripped down her fingertips, Emily's body was getting colder and colder. It was as if the very blood in her body had turned to ice-water that now chilled her body as it pumped sluggishly through her veins.

Roaring with all his might, Jacob ran faster than he had ever run before in his whole life. For the first time ever, fear engulfed his heart and mind. After carrying Emily into the ambulance, which had been waiting from the beginning of the morning, exhaustion made him collapse beside the vehicle.

For several minutes, his eyes were fixed on the taillight of the ambulance.

Not having recovered from the fright, his heart was st

and Sam felt as if millions of needles were piercing through his skin. Especially because of Darren's jeer, he felt more embarrassed. With fists clenched inside his sleeves, Sam's nails raked across his own flesh as he tried to curb his anger. Despite his cheek muscles twitching, Sam explained in a calm voice.

Sam's mission was to stall Darren for as long as possible.

Winning enough time for Jacob could determine the outcome of this reckless gamble.

"Are all the board members quarreling in the office? I want to have a look."

With the intention of pouring oil on the flames, Darren rose to his feet cheerily and was about to leave the conference room.

"Mr. Darren!"

Panic-stricken, Sam hastily dashed ahead and blocked Darren by standing in front of him. Bowing, he begged, "This is the HT Group's matter. Please, let President Jacob deal with it by himself. After all, it will be his last time to do so!"

Sam knew that he mustn't let the cat out of the bag!

His words satisfied Darren. Slowly, he swaggered back to his seat and sat down again.

Emily was well-hidden. Darren had the confidence that even ten Jacobs would not be able to find the place where he had hidden Emily.

Time elapsed, and Jacob showed no sign of emerging. Confident as Darren was, doubt began to gnaw at his stomach.

"Your HT Group will become the KING Group's affiliated branch. I will have it in my pocket. You won't stop me from going to have a look!"

Raising his brows contemptuously, Darren stood up and shoved Sam out of the way.

Having run out of ideas, Sam could only watch Darren's figure head towards the board office.

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