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   Chapter 1105 Forsaking Darkness For Light

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7034

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"Miss Dina."

Jacob's voice contained a slight but excited tremor as he stood up and walked to Dina. He tried to restrain the excitement and hope in his heart while forcing himself to breathe calmly. "Do you mean that you know where Emily is?"

Dina had indicated that she knew Emily's whereabouts when he was on the phone with Darren!


Dina looked up and her eyes fixed on Jacob as she said in determination, "I can help you save Emily before Darren uses or disposes of her."

She gritted her teeth and emptiness flashed through her eyes. She finally agreed to tell Jacob what she knew.

Betraying Darren meant breaking up with him completely and there was no turning back. Her decision would perhaps even influence her career prospects in the entertainment circle.

She was now betting her future on the gamble that Jacob could beat Darren.

"Very well!"

Jacob breathed deeply and clenched his hands.

He couldn't say another word and found it hard to hide his emotions. Feeling overwhelmed by the excitement in his heart, he grabbed Dina's shoulders and then said, "Where is she?" "Ah!" Due to the tension and his overbearing excitement, Jacob failed to moderate his strength and accidentally caused Dina some pain as he squeezed her shoulders tightly.

Dina hummed in pain and frowned.

"Ah... I'm sorry."

Jacob saw her pained expression and realized that his grip on her shoulders was quite forceful. He then quickly withdrew his hands and stepped back; however, his black eyes still remained fixed on her with excitement.

"Jacob, like Darren, I also have my conditions."

Seeing him like this, Dina thought she was making the right decision.

She felt relieved and more certain of this being the right move. Her mouth curved into a wide smile, and she looked deeply at Jacob. She then said, "You must assure me of my safety and the necessary resources, now that I have decided to leave Darren. There is a top foreign film being produced, and I want to star in it!"

She wouldn't be welcome in the domestic market any longer now that she had decided to leave D

ily felt like she was tangled up in a net and couldn't get away from it. She was gradually losing her mind and her ability to reason.

Gritting her teeth, Emily tried her best to contain the impulse to find something with which to cut her wrists with. Her remaining good sense had her put her hands under her bottom. And she kept telling herself, "No, no, no..."

Her voice echoed in the air and gradually trailed off.

She felt as if everything around her was crumbling, and yet the familiar voice was still there.

Emily finally lost all her reason, and her face drained of all blood, leaving her looking like a pale ghastly mask. It seemed like she was being controlled by outside forces. She remained silent now and, with trembling hands, she picked up the glass fragments she had previously kicked away. Feeling the sharp edges in her hands, she smiled with a complicated and manic laugh.

Slowly, she slashed her wrists with the sharp glass shards.

One cut was followed by another.

Emily was now free of pain, and she laughed out loud with relief.

Her hands were soaked in blood, but she was not afraid now. The familiar voice was mercifully gone.

Quiet... It was quiet now.

Emily saw some light through the encroaching darkness. She blinked sleepily and saw that there was a man standing outside the cage. She kept looking at him and felt that he looked somehow familiar.

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