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   Chapter 1104 Give-and-take Conditions

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Darren's smile was mixed with a chilling threat. "Emily and your baby's lives won't be guaranteed if I can't own the HT Group!" He issued a thinly-veiled threat.

Until now, the truth had not seen daylight. Even though Darren was obtuse in his understanding, it was obvious to him that Emily's unborn child belonged to Jacob.

Head tilted and neck exposed, Darren languidly stroked his chin. His deep eyes showed a mysterious sense of satisfaction.

He wouldn't be full of confidence in threatening Jacob if it were not for this unborn child. It was the ace up his sleeve.

It was hard to tell whether Emily still loved Jacob or if she had just come back to bring more trouble to Jacob.

"Jacob, think twice about Emily and the child. I also need to think it over with regards to what I will do!"

It didn't make any sense for Darren to waste such a hard-won opportunity, which he had gained at such a big risk.

"What do you want me to do?"

Jacob snapped with a heavy sigh. His face was gloomy, and his veins stood out of his neck.

"What do I want you to do?"

Darren's deep voice was mixed with a hint of sarcasm. "It would be perfect if you could transfer the entire HT Group to my ownership and announce it at a press conference. As to what should be said, I think nobody knows better than you!"

It was impossible for Jacob to go back on what he said if a press conference was held.

With his eyes closed, Jacob took a deep breath and said very slowly, "I promise I will do as you command."

The HT Group was nothing when compared to Emily and his child. Jacob would save them at any cost!

"Good. You have one day's time to inform the board and hold the press conference. Remember, Emily and your unborn child's time is limited!"

With a satisfied nod, Darren hung up the phone without even waiting for Jacob's reaction.

Furrowing his eyebrows, Jacob felt a little relieved.

At least it was good to know that Emily and their child were safe!

"Contact the newspaper office and the independent journalists. I will hold a press conference at four o'clock this afternoon,"

Jacob beckoned to Sam and instructed. His face was gloomy a

rren's thin smile echoed through the phone and made Jacob feel colder.

This time, Darren was going to trample Jacob's human dignity into dust.

The KING Group was going to grind the HT Group under its foot.

What a crazy move it was, but it revealed a merciless heart!

"Okay, I'll grant your request," Jacob agreed without any hesitation. What was done was done; there was no need for Jacob to be worried about his dignity.

"You are a straightforward man, Jacob. I am waiting for your message. I will come to the HT Group headquarters at three o'clock this afternoon."

Just as Jacob was about to reply, the door of his office was thrown wide open.

Unexpectedly, a figure followed behind Sam.

With sunglasses, a mask, and a scarf wrapped around her neck, it was…


Jacob was stunned. Even that word was stuck in his throat and remained unspoken.

Dina took off her sunglasses and gestured for Jacob to be silent. Suddenly, he wanted to rejoice with wild excitement.

Darren's doubtful voice was heard over the phone. "Jacob?"

"I got it. Hope you can keep your promise."

Captivated by Dina, Jacob made a casual reply and hung up the phone in one swift action.

Jacob's swift resolution really left Darren a little surprised.

A second later, Darren didn't give it much thought because he was already relishing the thought of trampling on Jacob's dignity. The honor he had wished for was on the horizon.

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