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   Chapter 1102 Frame Up

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"Of course."

Acting like a patient teacher, Darren continued his guidance. "Now, Jacob's pretense has been exposed. Emily has become a live target for Michelle. Making Emily disappear in front of the public fits in exactly with Jacob's wishes and his plans for protecting her. That makes sense, doesn't it?"

Seeing Seamus show some signs of belief, Darren decided to sow more seeds of discord between Seamus and Jacob. "Making Emily disappear is such a seamless plot to protect her. Moreover, there would then be a fight between us. What Jacob then plans to do is to make big profits at our expense. What do you think?" Darren's words were spoken quite expeditiously.

"How dare he?"

As expected, Seamus bought the lies.

Seamus was on the verge of rage. He rebuked in a deep voice and squinted at Darren. A bottomless darkness had filled his eyes, exuding an aura of ruthless indignation.

"Emily is by no means Jacob's puppet. How dare he possess her?

I will find out the truth behind this matter. I won't show mercy to him if he is the one who hid Emily deliberately!" The angry words were spoken through Seamus's clenched teeth.

Slowly, Seamus rose to his feet. His eyes glowed like frozen blades.

He had exerted every effort to get Emily. How could he let himself be outwitted by Jacob's scheming at this critical moment?

"Then good luck to you."

Darren's lips curved, and he looked at Seamus with a faint smile. He toasted with his cup and continued, "I'll wait for your call."

"No problem."

Seamus took his leave quickly. Burning with anxiety, he was in a hurry to investigate Jacob, the man who was said to have orchestrated this event.

"Simple mind,"

Darren sneered. Leaning against the window pane, a contemptuous smile crept onto his face as he watched Seamus drive off.

Poor Seamus had no idea that Darren was the man who had set all of this up.


It was dark, plus Seamus was walking at a killing pace to his car when he ran into a woman called Dina, who was looking for Darren.

Without warning, she suddenly swayed and fell to the ground. In a moment of desperation, she re

her neck and saw plates of delicious food placed beside Emily, which were totally untouched.

Seeing that Emily was on the verge of death, a sense of sympathy rose in her heart. All her enjoyment of the state her foe was in had been replaced by unwillingness. Truth be told, Emily was just a pregnant woman.

The entanglement between adults should have nothing to do with an unborn baby.

With a muffled voice, Dina called Emily's name, yet she received no response.

Time was limited, and Dina did not dare to stay here for too long. After casting a last look at Emily, Dina swiftly turned around and ascended back to the ground level.

This time, she walked directly to the front door.

Darren was reading a newspaper on his sofa. "Why are you up and about this late?" he asked in a deep and gracious voice. Dina's visit didn't even bother him enough to give her a look.

His voice was exactly the same as before.

"Oh, I heard Emily was missing,"

Dina said with an intentionally light voice as if nothing had happened. Her drooping brows concealed her true expression. "I am here because I wanted to know what you are planning to do next."

"Do for what?"

Hearing Emily's name, a coldness emerged from his eyes. Yet, it disappeared in a millisecond. Then, he burst into mild laughter and responded by deflecting her question with another question. It seemed he had no idea what Dina was asking about.

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