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   Chapter 1101 Disappearance

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Jacob had been slaving in his office for the whole morning. He felt a bit fatigued and couldn't focus on reading the documents any longer. He frowned and raised his hands to rub soothingly at his temples. Somehow, he sensed that something was about to happen, and the tension was unnerving.

"What's wrong with me?"

he muttered to himself and picked up his phone to call the doctor and ask how Emily was now. But suddenly, the door to his office burst open, and his assistant ran up to him, gasping for breath as he wheezed, "President, President Gu..."

"What's the matter?"

Somehow, Jacob had a bad feeling just looking at him. Then Jacob said in a deep voice, "What's wrong? What are you so nervous about?"

"Emily left the hospital alone, and no one can find her."

Hearing what he said, Jacob immediately froze in shock with his mouth agape. His pupils contracted, and he almost couldn't breathe. Then he immediately stood up and demanded, "What did you just say?"

His voice trembled with fear, and he could barely stand on his feet upon hearing the news. "I asked you to look after her, didn't I? How could this happen? You idiots!"

"The men we sent never thought that she would get out of the hospital. Emily left the hospital by herself according to the footage of the security cameras. There is no trace of her outside the hospital, so we don't know where to find her..."

The assistant knew how serious this was, so he had come immediately to Jacob with every detail of what had happened. "I heard that Michelle also came to see Emily earlier today..."


The assistant's voice trailed off, and he drew a deep breath in fear. He now didn't dare to say a word to Jacob and looked down, carefully peeping up to see the change in Jacob's expression.

Having been with him for so many years, he had never seen Jacob fly into such a rage before.

"Phone them."


w anything about this."

Seamus pursed his lips as he explained in a low voice. He still couldn't believe Darren's words. But he could discern nothing from Darren's utterly blank expression.

Suspicion flashed through his dark eyes.

Could it really be true that Darren had nothing to do with it?

But it didn't make any sense…

"You can't be blaming me for her disappearance, can you?"

Darren raised his eyebrows and chuckled, and his eyes gently narrowed with pleasure. He replied in a cold voice, playing with his cup indifferently, "What if it's just a trap set by Jacob, and he's just waiting for us to walk into it?

He's just trying to deceive us."

Darren thought deeply about what he had expected and then nodded in satisfaction. He walked up to Seamus, pretending to be worried, and said, "Just think about it. Jacob's true relationship with Emily has just been exposed. And perhaps he didn't even lose his memory in the first place. If that's the case, he has to protect Emily better, right?"

His words were persuasive as Darren spoke in a low and deep voice.

"What do you mean?"

Seamus then frowned and looked across at Darren, tentatively saying in a low voice filled with anger, "You mean that Jacob has hidden Emily on purpose?"

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