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   Chapter 1100 Time To Say Goodbye!

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Despite the ferocity of the blow, and the dull thud upon impact, Emily's arm was still protecting her unborn child.


With her body stiffening, Emily cried out, and she frowned in pain as she looked down in an attempt to protect her face. However, she did not stand up from the bed to resist the assault.

Emily carefully put her other hand on her stomach as well, in order to better protect her abdomen.

There was no need to continue resisting Michelle. The most important thing for her now was to protect the child in her stomach.

"Sooner or later, I will have my revenge. I will make you pay for what you have done!"

Michelle scolded her with hatred, and she stared at her, threatening her for a long time before she finally left the room. Seeing that Emily still did not react to her, Michelle was frustrated and unable to fully relieve her anger.


She slammed the door.

When the sound faded, Emily finally breathed out a sigh of relief. Completely exhausted, she let herself limply fall back on the bed. With her disguise of being calm collapsing, she covered her head tightly with her hands pressed to her ears. She bit her lips as she shook her head violently, and her pale cheeks turned a ghastly red.

"Shut up!" Emily groaned. She murmured with great pain penetrating her body. Earlier, there had been two voices in her mind. One had been the voice from the bottom of her heart. It had been soft, and she could not quite hear what it had been saying.

However, Emily had still felt the warmth of its words pouring into her body.

Meanwhile, the other voice had been loud, cold, and clear, persuading her to give up and face her death.

The two voices had fought against each other, which had made her head ache abominably and feel like it would almost explode, and even her small abdomen suffered bouts of pain.

'Just die! Face your death! You deserve no better!'

'Emily, these are the steamed dumplings I just bought… They're your favorite.'


Emily growled impatiently as she was in great pain. Her fingers clung to her hair, and her eyebrows knitted while the corners of her mouth were covered with blood.

All she could feel was that the strings around her heart were tightening, and the pain was getting worse.


She seemed to now be able to hear the soft voice and had regained some movement in her body that had been in spasm. However, with her forehead covered in fine beads of sweat, she writhed on the bed.

The wall in Emily

es slightly, and he hit the corner of the table once or twice with his fingers. His voice was cold and cruel. "Try not to alarm anyone."

"Yes, sir,"

his man answered respectfully, turned around, and left the room.

At the same time, Emily was standing on one side of the street, barely controlling her trembling and weak body. Her teeth pressed down on her lips as she looked around at the endless lanes of traffic. Finally, she leaned against a corner and tried to regain her breath.

Emily had been paying careful attention to the surrounding environment. After all, Michelle had just left, so there was still the strong possibility that she would come back again.

Despite this, Emily did not know that a huge conspiracy was quietly unfolding around her.

"Sir, I..."

Finally, Emily relaxed when she saw a taxi. She bent forward after taking a few steps and knocked on the window. She was about to open her mouth, but some figures rushed around the corner behind her. They clamped her arms on both sides without saying anything, and they dragged her to a car that had already been prepared for them.

"What are you doing?"

Emily let out a low cry, but her weak body was staggering, and half of her body had lost all strength and was almost dragged along the ground. If this group of people in black had not been lifting her up, she would have been lying on the ground.

Her weak body could not stand this any longer. Therefore, her forehead dripped with sweat, and her belly started to hurt after just a few steps.

Having put Emily into the car, these men in black sped away. On the spot, the frightened taxi driver immediately called the police.

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