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   Chapter 1099 It's None Of Your Business

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6658

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Even though Emily was sick, she had not forgotten Jacob!

However, her next move made Michelle's hands freeze their assault.

Emily took the chance, withdrew her hands and quickly pressed the button on the palm of her hand.

This button was an emergency device specially fitted by Jacob for Emily. Once pressed, in a few seconds, there would be bodyguards storming in, and Michelle would be caught in her own trap.

Actually, Emily didn't quite know how she knew this or had even thought of pressing it. All she knew was that there had been a gentle voice in her mind telling her everything. She couldn't remember much, only some of the recent days.

"Oh, oh! Well done! I never expected that."

Michelle became embarrassed instead of angry, so she withdrew her hand, sat on the side of the bed, and looked at Emily in a strange way before continuing, "Now you still have the nerve to call Jacob's name? Do you know what you have done to him?" "What?


At the mention of Jacob, Emily felt a stabbing pain in her brain and had to bury her head in her hands. Then, a series of images flashed back in her brain like a movie—his tenderness, his ruthlessness, his indifference, and his love.

Her brain was now filled with Jacob, which made her feel terrible.

"Hey, who are you showing off for?" Michelle sneered scornfully.

She thought it was just Emily's affectation, so she screwed up her face in an expression of utter repugnance. "Jacob isn't here. No one will see you like this," she said with sarcasm.

"What did you come here to say?"

Restraining her anger, Emily bit her lips and managed to croak the words through the piercing pain in her throat.

Emily had something on her mind other than the splitting headache, and she didn't want to waste time tangling with Michelle right now.

"Humph! Don't put on that innocent look!"

Michelle reached out her hand and gripped Emily's face with a fierce look. "This is the innocent face that seduces Jacob,

better think about leaving,"

Emily said grimly, a faint smile forming at the corners of her lips. That threatening smile chilled Michelle and drove her back.

She couldn't help trembling with fear, and stepped back vigilantly.

Suddenly, she felt that Emily was different from before.

Emily had used to be weak and cowardly. How could she now have such a fierce look on her face?

Michelle didn't believe what Emily said, so she glanced at her watch and was going to call her on the bluff. Unexpectedly, Emily instantly pressed the emergency button.

Beep, beep, beep...

The emergency button set off a sharp alarm.

Upon hearing this, Michelle went into a panic, and her face lost its color.

"You have one minute left,"

Emily said calmly, reminding her with a fake smile.

Only in this way could she save her baby and herself.

She had faintly heard Jacob tell her that he had stationed bodyguards around her to protect her while she had been in a coma. Although she didn't know how Michelle had gotten into the ward, she was unable to hurt her as long as the bodyguards were in place.

"You win!"

As expected, Michelle didn't dare to go on with her madness, but just glowered at her.

Michelle just couldn't let it go, so she picked up a bag beside her and threw it at Emily out of spite.

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