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   Chapter 1098 Wake Up

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"I see,"

Jacob replied as usual.

He felt that his frustrated feelings had formed a net that had tangled around his heart and was slowly strangling him, stealing the air out of his lungs and smothering him.

His light was barely flickering now.

He threw his phone to one side and quietly stared at the picture that stood on the corner of the table. He reached out and gently touched the smiling woman on it. He murmured to himself, "Emily, are you playing hide and seek with me? That's why you haven't waken up for so long, isn't it?"

He had initially thought that Emily would wake up in ten days, but three weeks had passed and nothing had happened.

For most of the month, Emily had slept all day, almost every day, and even on the few days she had woken up, she had been delirious. She had just looked up at the ceiling and hadn't spoken a word. If the doctor hadn't said that her test results were okay, Jacob would have thought that she had lost her mind.

Once he thought of Emily, the yearning in his heart flooded over him as if he was sinking into deep waters. Jacob was unable to worry about anything else, so he simply stopped the work at hand, put on his windbreaker and left.

"Mr. Gu,"

the assistant said respectfully and in a low voice from the door. He had already become used to Jacob running to the hospital from time to time.

Jacob really loved Emily after all.

Since the day Louis had come and beat Jacob up, he could see clearly that Jacob still loved Emily. Every cruel act that Jacob had done had been a disguise.

But the assistant would never dare to say out loud what was on his mind.

In the hospital

Jacob was peeling an apple while staring at Emily, who lay pale-looking on the bed. The soft smile in his eyes suddenly became more and more obvious. "You know, today, I was at that soup dumpling shop that you like. The shopkeeper asked me why you haven't been there. I lied to him and said that you have been angry with me. He asked me to apologize to you. I wish I could do that when you wake up!"

he murmured to

but was stunned by her retort. The anger in her heart reached its boiling point. She took a step forward, raised her hands and grabbed Emily's neck. She spoke with a vengeful fervor, "I want to see if you are pretending or not!"


Emily felt a great pain in her neck. Her face suddenly turned red, and her breathing became shallow as her throat was slowly being squeezed shut. She tried to push away Michelle's fingers with her hands, but she was too weak to do so.

She could not get rid of Michelle's stranglehold.

"Oh, it seems you are really retarded now."

Michelle saw that Emily was powerless to struggle from her grasp, which made her pleasure become more and more intense. She almost jumped for joy, and the strength in her hands now ran out of control. The killing intention was like a poison, controlling every movement of her body.

"Jac… Jacob!"

Under Michelle's attack, for some reason, the name suddenly popped up in Emily's mind, followed by many complex emotions, such as love, fear, helplessness, pleading…

She subconsciously uttered Jacob's name.

In her mind, it seemed that only he could save her life at this crucial moment.


Hearing Emily uttering Jacob's name had greatly angered Michelle. Her black eyes were smoldering with anger. She clenched her jaw tightly and raised her hand, ready to hit Emily's beautiful face.

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