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   Chapter 1097 A Big Fight

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Actually, Jacob had also been very angry and had previously suppressed his impulse to hit Louis when he had seen that Emily was still unhappy even under the care of those in the Ke Family.

Sam suspiciously opened the door and stuck his head into the office to see what was going on. When he saw what was happening, his eyes popped out of their sockets, and his pupils contracted in shock. He then decided to rush to Jacob's aid and mediate their dispute, but suddenly, Louis threw a file at him.

"Shut the door and get out if you don't want to see the HT Group go bankrupt."

Sam froze there after being hit by the papers, not knowing what had happened between them. Seeing Jacob nod slightly at him, he stroked his nose in confusion and then closed the door as told.

He thought to himself, "Is it really true that successful businessmen discuss business by using violence?"

Jacob, the president, was lying there, beaten to the ground.

This was definitely unprecedented…

"It seems that you know how to behave in a delicate situation." Louis hadn't missed the expression that Jacob had flashed to Sam, and he then laughed out loud.

"Five million for a punch."

Jacob was now lying on the ground and didn't intend to get up. He chuckled and showed Louis an open hand with five fingers to reiterate his offer.

"Why don't you rob a bank for that much money?"

Seeing Jacob like this, Louis laughed. He walked up to Jacob, stepped on his back and then turned his chin towards him with his slender fingers. Chuckling, he squinted at Jacob.

He then issued another punch.

Jacob whipped his head around and spat some more blood. Then, he laughed raggedly and said, "Ten million now."

"You..." Louis looked at his bloodied face and gritted his teeth. Suddenly, getting even angrier and for no other reason, Louis landed another blow on Jacob's face.

"Fifteen million."


"Twenty million!"


"Thirty million!"

Jacob's handsome face was now disfigured and swollen because of Louis's brutal beating. He had bruises all over his body, and he squinted through his tumid eyes. But there was still a smile clinging to his face.

This only ma

n he saw these. He exhaled deeply, and sucked some of the blood off his split lips as anger flashed through his eyes.

It had required huge efforts to gather all these people under the wing of the HT Group, and now they had become the backbone of the company. Them being poached by their rival, the KING Group, was even more terrifying than the lack of funds in the financial department.

"Go and investigate how Darren poached them from me, especially Darren's family."

Jacob knew these people. They had been with him for so many years, and he believed that the reason why they had left the company must have something to do with Darren. Had he threatened them with something?

Darren could resort to some very despicable means to get what he wanted, and he had no moral compass.

"Yes, sir!"

Sam nodded and turned around.

He then gently closed the door as he left. The atmosphere in the office again became calm and quiet. Jacob closed his eyes, raised his hands to soothe his throbbing temples, and then lay his head on the table.

The black rims under his eyes had become even more obvious due to the bruising there.

Jacob took out his phone and called the hospital. This seemed to have become his habit.

"Hello... Doctor? It's me, Jacob. Has Emily regained consciousness yet?"

"No, but her condition has stabilized. You don't have to fret about her health and the baby's health at the moment," the doctor said with a sigh.

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