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   Chapter 1096 Timely Support From Louis

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All the staff present jerked their heads up and gazed at Jacob. Some seemed excited, some were skeptical, and some even appeared dismissive.

"Any of you who has lost confidence in the HT Group is free to resign. All your allowances and salaries will be paid to you," Jacob declared.

He knew that all these people had families to support. It was justifiable for them to choose not to risk working any longer for the HT Group, which might collapse at any time. Therefore, he had put himself in their shoes and decided to offer them another choice.

As expected, several men tentatively stood up as Jacob's voice faded. Watching his face warily and observing the reactions of the other employees, they muttered in extremely low voices, "Mr. President, we…" Embarrassed, they trailed off.

"It doesn't matter."

Jacob gave them a firm nod.

With Jacob's permission and following the example set by these men, more staff rose to their feet and left. After five or six minutes, only one-third of the staff remained in the office.

A few more minutes passed; silence had again settled over the office area and nobody moved a step. Seeing the situation, Jacob felt more relieved. It was better than he had expected.

He had anticipated that more than two-thirds of the staff would have left.

He already had enough men here to stage a comeback.

Slowly, he tightened his limp hands into fists at the sides of his body. His knuckles grew white and prominent due to the force he exerted.

Determined, he decided that he would make full use of the rest of his men to fight against Seamus and Darren.

Authorities from the discipline inspection commission finally departed, leaving a notification of the HT Group's continued fair name. Jacob slouched in his office chair and massaged his temples. The bags below his eyes were more visible, and he couldn't remember the last time he had slept.

He knew that the HT Group's future was precarious and that its fate was dangling by a thin thread. Frankly speaking, the company was on the brink of bankruptcy. Even the slightest wrong move could lead to their ruin.

Funds, he needed funds.

All their reserve funds and floating shares were just enough to

uis continued drinking his coffee. His long eyelashes covered his expressive eyes, and his voice also showed no indication of his mood. Jacob was unable to figure out where Louis's mind was heading.

"Why would you help me?" Jacob asked, confused.

Louis raised his eyes and cast a casual look at Sam as Jacob's voice faded.

With an understanding nod, Sam politely left, giving them some privacy.

He knew his presence was not required and that he should give them some space now.


Louis offered no direct reply to Jacob. Instead, he put his cup on the table with a dull thud. Squinting at Jacob for a while, Louis raised his lips into a mysterious smile. "There is another thing I've always wanted to do. Do you know what it is?"


Once in a blue moon, Jacob was unable to figure out another man's intentions. He was unaware that Louis had taken the initiative. Following Louis's lead, he had to ask for more information with furrowed brows.

However, the next second...


Jacob lost his balance and fell to the ground. A bloody streak appeared on his lips as a wave of dizziness overcame him.

"Hitting you."

Louis rubbed his aching fist. Smiling, he cast a pleasant look down at Jacob. Brows raised, he said, "Hitting you felt so good."

Seated on the floor, Jacob licked the corner of his lips and stared at Louis's tall figure. After a few seconds, a smile crept across his face, too.

"You are one step ahead of me."

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