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   Chapter 1095 Accompanying

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Jacob muttered. His voice gradually became choked, hoarse, and desperate, echoing in the ward. Silence surrounded the two of them as his voice faded away.

"I love you. I really love you more than anything. It was my fault. My self-righteous attempts to protect you only turned out to be a huge mistake. It was me who hurt you. You must be very sad, aren't you?"

Jacob continued to make an impassioned unilateral declaration. He touched her cheeks gently with the pads of his fingers and moved his eyes across her face, tracing her eyelashes and lips slowly. The gentleness in his eyes fell on her face.

"Please, wake up. Promise me. You can get back at me for my misdeeds in any way you want if you could just wake up! Even if you want to take my life, it will be yours. I just want you to wake up, please."

He implored in a low voice that almost caught in his throat.

As a man of privilege and the president of a powerful company, it was Jacob's first time begging in such a humble manner as he faced the cruel possibility of losing his precious Emily.

The person who lay on the bed was his beloved woman. How could he continue to act calmly and composedly as if it was just another day at the office?

His mobile phone rang!

Jacob glanced at the message and showed no intention of dealing with it. He pressed his lips into a thin line, and his eyes were overflowing with tender love.

"I need to make a phone call, but I'll be right back. Don't miss me."

Softly, he tucked the quilt around her and walked out of the ward. But still, his eyes sought out Emily's still form through the big glass window.

He would never be able to bear the pain if something bad happened to her again.

"What's up?" Jacob's deep voice was heard over the mobile phone.

"President, where are you now? The news has been spreading and quite a few lucrative contracts are in the process of being cancelled. Moreover, a large sum of money is required in default fines due to our mistake. The company is now in a state of chaos and everything is at stake. What should we do?"

Sam's worried and trembling voice was heard over the phone.

He had been Jacob's assistant for such a long time. It was the first tim

a vegetable if she couldn't wake up after ten days due to brain damage setting in, not to mention what would happen to the infant.

"Mr. President, personnel from the discipline inspection commission are delivering their notification to us. Your presence is needed. Are you available?"

After glancing at the news, he cast a deep look at Emily, kissed her, and pinched her cheeks lovingly. "I need to go back to company for a little while. I will be back immediately." His voice was tender, like water.

He would not have thought she was alive unless he saw her nostrils flare slightly.

If he didn't see her, panic and loneliness would be the only things surrounding him.

Arriving at the company, Jacob closed his eyes, took a breath, and opened them again. It now looked as if nothing had happened to him.

Calmness, recalcitrance, and vibrancy were simultaneously reflected in his wizened eyes.

"What's up now?"

Exuding an icy confidence, Jacob took a quick glance at the employees who peeped at him and then lowered their heads, pretending to do their jobs. He knew exactly where their thoughts were. "Our HT Group will not collapse since this tax evasion accusation is just unfounded nonsense. The HT Group will survive as long as I am here!" Jacob cleared his throat and raised his voice.

His words were a soothing balm, which settled the staff's frazzled nerves and set their minds at rest.

His words were a life-saving branch to drowning people.

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