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   Chapter 1094 The Critically Ill Notice

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Having worked for Jacob for so many years, Gerry had guessed what he would ask.

"He's lying! There are two of them!"

Gerry said, still glaring at Jacob, although he felt very afraid.


"Mr. Gu, the Internal Affairs officers are still waiting."

If it weren't for this sudden interruption, Jacob would have continued confronting Gerry because he was almost on the verge of exposing him.

He stopped and looked down in disgust.

There was no need to hurry now.

"I know."

Jacob glared at Gerry, his determined expression combined with his years of experience chilling Gerry's blood.

Gerry's pupils contracted, and he almost fell to the ground, his body trembling even more violently.

Jacob smiled and knew that he had guessed correctly.

Darren and Seamus.

The way in which Gerry's lips had tightened just now pointed to these two culprits. Guaranteed, they were the villains behind all this fuss.

Fortunately they couldn't place any of their men in the Internal Affairs committee. Jacob left the building with the officers and accompanied them to the gate where they talked for a moment. He repeated his assurances to them that the company would submit their evidence within the specified time.

"Show me all the available expense accounts of the company over the past few months, and also look into all of the cash flow expenses of Gerry. Find out about all possible changes in his interpersonal relationships, especially those involving Darren and Seamus,"

Jacob said upon returning to his office. He looked at his assistant with cold eyes and drummed his fingers on the table.

"Yes, sir!"

said the assistant, swiftly bowing to him and nodding with a serious look.

"Make sure the employees who were here in the office keep their mouths shut about this, and ask someone to keep an eye on Gerry in case he tries to expose this to outsiders or the media."

Jacob sat back in his padded chair and narrowed his eyes. His face seemed to be covered in a layer of frost, chilling everyone present to their marrow.

Whoever was behin

n the strength of his own imagined cleverness?

Couldn't the baby bring back her will to live now?

"The child is now still relatively healthy. But we can't be sure the child will remain healthy if Emily doesn't get better."

Jacob couldn't listen to the doctor any further.

He couldn't even be bothered to care about the child.

He would give up everything, even his life, if Emily could survive this.

"I know that now, thank you. Can I go in to see her?"

asked Jacob, and his eyes immediately fixed on Emily as she was pushed out of the operating room.

"Yes, but you must avoid making noise or talking to her. She needs some rest now."

Seeing him this desperate, the doctor sighed and nodded to him with a complex expression.

How could those scandals be true if they loved each other so dearly?

What did it say if even a man as powerful as Jacob couldn't protect the woman he loved?

Jacob rushed to the recovery room and knelt beside the sickbed. He held Emily's hands and drew closer to her.

Emily's hand felt very cold due to the loss of blood and the intravenous transfusions.

He kissed her on her hand and tears streamed down his face. He fondly looked at her and said in a gentle whisper, "Emily, please, come back. The doctor said that you've lost your will to live. But I don't believe him. How could you bear to leave me and our children?"

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