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   Chapter 1093 Tax Evasion

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Right after the doctor had finished speaking, she still wanted to say something more, but she suddenly saw Jacob's face.

Thinking about the patient's name, she guessed a hidden truth in her mind. Realization dawned, and she stood there, feeling really embarrassed.

She remembered that just now, Jacob had mentioned that he was the patient's husband.

As a doctor at this hospital, she had gotten to know some of the prominent figures in the business circle. Jacob and Emily were very famous in this city. Rumors about them had spread widely these past few days. But she just hadn't expected that Jacob would personally come to the hospital and tell her that he was Emily's husband.

After taking a closer look at Jacob, the doctor found that Jacob seemed pleased, and he hadn't gotten angry with her at all. So, the doctor suddenly felt relieved.

She was afraid that her words might have angered Jacob. After all, it was said that Jacob was a tyrannical man, especially in business.

"Doctor, can I see her now?"

Jacob asked as he stared at the doctor with large, gentle eyes. Unlike his austere public image, a warm smile was plastered on his face.

He clearly felt both lucky and happy that Emily was still alive.

However, the doctor shook her head and refused in a low voice, "No. She's still unstable at the moment. Let's observe her for a few more days. But Mr. Gu, you don't have to worry about anything. We'll do our best."

The doctor had already changed her form of address and had taken to calling Jacob "Mr. Gu."

But Jacob didn't even notice it, for his heart was overflowing with joy. He just kept nodding his head and wrote down the doctor's instructions. The doctor told Jacob what he should do to protect Emily from further harm during the healing process. Right now, Jacob was just a concerned husband, and not the business icon who was widely feared and respected.

He was just a normal man who was worried about his wife.

"Okay, okay!"

Jacob agreed and kept nodding his head. He readily accepted what the doctor was telling him.

Emily was to stay in the intensive care unit. So, Jacob could only see her through the observation glass.

When he was about to open the door to the ward, the phone in his pocket started ringing.

He furrowed his eyebrows and lowered his head to peer at the screen. Then, he placed the cell phone next to his ear and said, "Hello?"

"Mr. Gu, please come back! Something's happened. Internal Affairs officers have shown up at our company, and they're saying that we cheated on our taxes!"

the scared and worried vo

es darkened.

Gerry instantly felt threatened by Jacob and quailed.

"Ye-yes! I did it!!" There was a shocked silence as Gary responded, trembling with fear.

With the sweat dripping down from his forehead, he saw a murderous gleam settle in Jacob's feverish and sleep-depraved eyes. Gerry couldn't help but step back in fear. He wanted to hide behind the crowd, but everyone moved aside, letting him face the music alone, as Jacob's eyes bored into him.

"Do you have any proof?"

Jacob asked again as he stepped closer to Gerry.

Gerry felt as if a powerful force was bearing down on him, which left him short of breath as panic overwhelmed him.

With his legs trembling, Gerry subconsciously felt the urge to kneel down.

But at that time, he heard a man's voice in his memories, "If you fail to handle it right, you will lose your wife and your children forever!"

Clenching his teeth, Gerry summoned up his last courage and looked up at Jacob, opening his mouth and pretending to be calm. "The fake ledger book of the accounting department is my evidence."

The fake ledger book?

Jacob laughed, as if sharing a great joke. He glanced at Gerry with his eyes almost popping out as he locked onto his target.

Tension arose from him as he moved closer and closer towards Gerry.

Gerry stepped back gradually until he was backed up against the wall with no way of escape, and he felt defeated.

"As the CEO of the HT Group, even I am unaware that we have two ledger books. How could you know that?" Jacob questioned and then shouted, "Who is the manager of the Accounting Department?"

"Mr. Gu, we only keep one ledger book at all times,"

the manager of the Accounting Department answered anxiously.

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