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   Chapter 1092 Survival

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7374

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Jacob was consumed by worry, and his face flashed an abnormally red color. He could even feel the blood rising in his throat as his heart pounded fearfully.

But, immediately, his face turned pale, and his eyes fixed on Emily.

She had just suffered severe hemorrhaging, and she had been struggling with serious emotional instability. How would her weak body take this news?


she choked out a word, but she ran out of strength to finish saying what she had milling around in her mind.

Panting heavily, she felt his hands pressing on her heart. Her lips were closed, and she was desperately trying to make a sound.

She had no strength now...

Emily didn't know exactly why, but all that was spinning around her mind was helpless self-mockery. She didn't feel any excitement and joy about this news at all.

She couldn't even laugh. Despite knowing that she was supposed to be happy, now she only felt exhausted.

Weakly closing her eyes, she remained still as her tears ran down her face.

Jacob also burst into tears next to her, still cradling her to his chest.

It turned out that everything had just been a fraud.

Jacob sensed her weakening breath, and he desperately prayed to God that Emily would survive this.

The driver screeched to a stop in front of the hospital, and Jacob carried Emily from the backseat. Holding tightly onto her body and trying to keep her steady in his arms, Jacob shouted the instant he stepped into the hospital entrance, "Emergency! Doctor, please!"

She could die any minute now.

Jacob couldn't afford to waste any time.

It was a private hospital, and the equipment and the medical staff were much better than at the central hospital. It was usually exclusively kept for the elite society, so the medical staff were all very familiar with the members of the upper classes.

Therefore, the doctors and nurses immediately rushed to them the moment they came in. Within moments, Emily had been placed on a gurney and taken to the operating room.

"I love you..."

Seeing Emily lying unconscious on the bed outside the surgery, Jacob felt as if a knife was piercing his heart. He walked to her, gently kissed her lips, and strok

weakly through the window onto his body, yet failed to warm him.

His dread chilled him to the marrow.

Jacob held tightly onto the window frame, and he seemed to have aged a decade in just half a morning.


The light above the operating room's door went off.

With a strange bang and some suction, the door was opened.

"Is Ms. Emily's family here?"

The question shocked Jacob; his forehead began breaking out into a cold sweat. He instantly dropped the cigarette and rushed to the doctor, saying, "Yes, Doctor. How is she now?"

The doctor kept on looking down, recording the operation records in the file. Without looking up, she went on to ask, "What is your relation to the patient?"

That simple question brought Jacob up short with a jerk.

He had no idea what to say.

Jacob muttered to himself, and his face turned pale with his hands clenched at his sides.

Then he said in a small voice, "I am her husband."

Her husband, who had always loved her the most but also recently hurt her the most.

"Well, please, sign here."

The doctor handed him the file and told him with a serious expression, "The patient is suffering from great depression. You are her husband. How come you didn't notice anything wrong or bring her here for treatment before? She has survived, but it is really a narrow escape for her."

The female doctor then took off her mask and scolded, "And she is carrying a baby. How are you looking after her?"

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