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   Chapter 1091 I Love You!

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8258

Updated: 2019-12-03 00:12

The words dissipated into the air, and everything became quiet.

Scraping the shard of glass over her wrist again and again, Emily did not feel any pain as she had expected. Instead, it was extremely comfortable and relaxing.

Lifelessly lying on the ground on one side of her body, she looked strangely seductive and attractive, with her hair spread out like a charcoal fan in the bright crimson blood.

Looking at her bleeding wrist, she did not even blink her eyes at all but laughed out loud with the corners of her lips raising into a strange angelic smile.

'It is so relaxing. The voice in my mind has disappeared.'

Her consciousness gradually slipped into darkness.


Jacob shouted in a voice filled with deep sorrow. The food in his hand suddenly tumbled to the ground from his hastily released grasp, and the milky rice porridge was scattered all over the kitchen.

He had just gone out to deal with the Internet hiccup, and had bought Emily something to eat.

How had all of this happened so quickly?

How could Emily commit suicide?!

Feeling his pupils constricting, a loud bang sounded in his brain, while Jacob stared in disbelief at the scene.

Emily lay on the ground like a broken doll, with her pale, slender arms hanging limply at her sides. Her bright blood dripped down on the ground and along her arms, and the bloody stain spread around her on the ground.

The white dress she was wearing had also become red, like an ivory rose dipped in wine. With a smile of relief floating at the corners of her mouth, Emily was lying in her blood, appearing to be utterly lifeless and finally at peace.

Jacob ran forward quickly, but stumbled over his own feet that seemed to have turned to lead as his power deserted him. His normally dark eyes had been covered by a scarlet film, and his cheeks were trembling uncontrollably. He lifted his body from the ground and clambered to his feet; however, he lost his balance and slipped in the spreading halo of blood around Emily, falling down next to her.

"Em...... Emily."

Jacob tried to control his trembling heart. His voice was low as if he feared breaking the silence and making this grisly scene a reality. His lips were mumbling as he gently put them under the tip of Emily's nose, noticing her breath was drawn in weak and hot.

With the tension of his heartstrings suddenly cut, Jacob felt relieved and took a shaky breath. The scarlet in his eyes became hazy, an

h. "I always remembered you. I didn't lose my memory. And I love you. I've always loved you!"

He was afraid that Emily would lose her willpower to live, so he explained everything.

He was desperate to keep Emily conscious and get her to the hospital as soon as possible.

As long as there was even a shred of hope, he would never give up.

"You're lying to me."

Emily did, however, smile abruptly after her initial stupefaction at the news. The curve of her pale lips slowly grew less pronounced, tearing at his heart. The light in her eyes flickered and slowly went out, indicating that death was drawing near. With her last breath, she whispered, "Thank you, for lying to me."

She seemed to have gotten some consolation from Jacob's confession.

It would not be too hard now for her to die.

Her mind, in its last moment of clarity, witnessed the scenes from their past flash, like a lantern flickering. Each scene, despite growing fainter and fainter, was about Jacob's cruelty.

If he had really loved her, how could he have hurt her so much?


Jacob shook his head sadly with his eyes drowning in tears, and he stared at her without even blinking. "I never lost my memory. I just wanted to catch whoever was behind this and keep you out of danger, so I pretended to be cruel to you. I love you. I've always loved you! What happened between Michelle and me was the lie, because I wanted you to leave me temporarily. To keep you safe! I love you..."

These few short words, like a series of thunderbolts, blasted in Emily's ears like the shock from a defibrillator.

So Jacob had never lost his memory at all?

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