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   Chapter 1090 Leave This Place With Mommy

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8115

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On the other end of the line, Darren tapped the phone screen with his fingertips. He narrowed his dark eyes, and a particular interest became focused in them. A crafty look flashed over his face. Suddenly, he smiled, but his lips lacked any warmth; instead, they were twisted with cunning.

The phone screen lit up with the picture. Darren seemed to see Jacob's desperation through the stolen likeness. Jacob seemed to be a poor, mindless puppet totally under his control.

He moved his thin lips. Stressing each syllable, he said with a pitiless cruelty, "Jacob, our game has finally begun!"

The doctor's report broke the last hope for life in Emily, like a balloon popping when it got too close to the sun. Meanwhile, the news about Emily visiting a doctor started to spread all over the Internet and social media.

Just a day later, Emily's sickness became the top story on the Internet.

"Damn it!"

Jacob gnashed his teeth. Suddenly, he swung his arms and violently swept everything on the desk to the floor. The tea sets on this desk smashed into thousands of pieces like confetti. He narrowed his dark eyes.

"Mr. Jacob, the news spread too quickly to stop, even though we tried our best to control it,"

Sam explained in a low, deep voice. He pursed his lips in a line and lowered his head. He crossed his fingers and clenched them so hard that he feared they might pop.

He hadn't expected that people would latch onto such a tragic moment.

The love in Jacob's eyes were beyond his skills to conceal. The photo took Sam by surprise too.

It seemed that Jacob and Emily…

had a very complicated relationship.

"Did you find the source of the photos? Who posted it in the first place?"

Jacob's dark eyes twinkled with a cold and sharp light. His predatory expression gave Sam a tight feeling in the chest. His voice was cold, and he sounded dangerous.

"Not yet. I still need a little more time. But, I think that Miss Michelle has something to do with it..."

Sam hesitated for a moment to wait for Jacob's response. After seeing Jacob's calm and stony face, he continued, "We found Michelle's computer's IP address in all of the top posts. It seems she has been leading the public opinion. None of her respondents are talking on Miss Emily's behalf."


Jacob's eyes turned dark, flashing hatred like a thunderbolt. He slowly pronounced Michelle's name out loud.

He click

going to fall? Let's hurry and leave! Don't give her the chance to blame us for anything!'

'What's the point of living? Your suffering will end once you die!'

'What a shameless woman! How can she live like this?'

'It's so hard to live. Death… Death is the only way to make you feel better.'

Emily held her head in confusion after she returned to Tyrone Mansion. She covered her ears tightly and kept shaking her head. Her low scream sounded desperate and sad.

The voices inside her kept talking. Quickly, they dragged her senses away and assumed control over her mind.

Emily didn't know how she even got back home. When she stood in the lifeless living room, she felt very insecure. This home couldn't keep her safe. It only made her desperation and sadness worsen.

Every part of this house contained a trace of the love she had once had with Jacob.

Everything she saw brought back those happy moments and killed her inside!

The memories tortured her slowly and painfully.

Suddenly, she stared at the glass cup on the table. She seemed to lose control over her body. With a dull look in her eyes, she walked forward and held it in her hand.

She smashed it into pieces all of a sudden.

The sharp glass reflected the light into her large but dull eyes.

Slowly, she picked up a piece and put it on her wrist.

The cold glass made her shiver as she held it firmly between her fingers.

However, she seemed to feel a sudden relief. She cracked a big smile and touched her belly with her free hand. She gently and softly mumbled, "Baby, do you want to leave this place with Mommy?"

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