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   Chapter 1089 A Man Secretly Takes A Photo of Jacob

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However, depression was completely different from sleepwalking, and it would cause more damage to others. Often, when the sickness came, the patient would hurt others quite unintentionally.

Therefore, Emily was sure that she was conscious right now. But a sound kept ringing hollowly in her mind. She simply couldn't be rid of it. It said, 'She's back already.'

Jacob cradled her as tightly in his arms as he could. Then, he raised his hand and supported her head, whispering in her ear, "Emily, come back! Please, come back to me!"

A light shone through the darkness.

And sunshine crept into the room.

Emily raised her head with tears streaming from the corners of her eyes. Looking up at Jacob for a moment, she murmured, "Ja... Jacob!"

Abruptly, she fainted and slumped back into Jacob's arms.

Emily was back!


Jacob called as he rushed to hold his wife in his arms as firmly as he could. Looking at Emily with care and concern in his eyes, he gritted his teeth and raised his hand to tuck her disheveled hair behind her ears. Then, he said, emphasizing each and every word, "I will be with you every step of the way! You won't suffer alone!" His voice was heavy with emotion as he held her, gently rocking her in his powerful arms.

After a long time, as the first rays of sunlight peeked through the curtains, Emily woke up in bed. With a frown, she raised her hands, blocking the sunlight. After fluttering her eyelids a few times to adjust to the light, she lay down on her back.

Then came the flood of memories.

Self-harm, blood, Jacob, and the hug.

She remembered everything that had happened recently.


Emily called out his name, and her face turned white when she remembered what she had done to Jacob. Feeling remorse and concern, she pulled back the quilt and lowered her bare feet, wanting to search for him.

'His hand must be injured!' Emily thought as she walked towards the door.


The bedroom door suddenly opened. Jacob was standing in the doorway with a bowl of millet porridge balanced on one hand.

"You are awake!" said Jacob.

He felt relieved, and a warm smile appeared on his face when he saw Emily. All of a sudden, he squinted at her bare feet on the floor.

"Oh, my God! You, I..."

Emily murmured. Her expression was full of confusion and helplessness. She raised her arm for a moment and then lowered it, hesitantly moving towards Jacob. With tears in her eyes, she couldn't find the right words to express her remorse.

'He got hurt! And it was entirely my fault!' she blamed herself.

Emily caught sight of Jacob'

suits, and his hair was messy. Staring at Emily for a while, his deep eyes gradually filled with tears of sorrow.

He wasn't a man who always wore his heart on his sleeve. But at that moment, his eyes were a haunting red from crying. After all, Emily was the love of his life.

A flash of nervousness reflected in Jacob's dark eyes. He trembled and clenched his fists with all of his strength.

"I'm almost done with the photos!" a man whispered to himself across the road from them.

During this intimate moment, a man dressed in black was hiding across the street in a dark corner. There was an evil smile on his face as he raised his cell phone and secretly took some photos of Jacob and Emily. But both of them didn't notice that they were being spied on.


The man was really satisfied with the pictures he had snapped.

One could clearly see Jacob's sad and anguished face in the pictures.

With great excitement, the man touched the photos on his cell phone screen as he dialed a number.

He felt delighted and hurriedly spoke into the phone, hoping to get credit. "Mr. Xu, I've taken some photos of Jacob and Emily according to your requirements. Are you satisfied with them? Then how about that reward? Can you..."

"I've checked the photos. You've done a very good job. You can check your account two hours from now. The money will be there,"

Darren interrupted. His evil voice resounded over the mobile phone, which created a cold and depressive atmosphere.

"Okay, okay! Thank you, Mr. Xu,"

the man answered, bowing slightly, even though Darren was not there. After flattering Darren for a while, he finally hung up.

'What a good deal! I'll get rich just by taking some photos!' he thought merrily.

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