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   Chapter 1088 I Am Here

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Jacob poured a glass of warm milk and passed it to Emily. His serene and gentle nature seemed unusual, to her eyes, at least. Emily had been suffering from mood swings all day. Since Jacob was really worried about her, he decided to take the day off and stay back at the Tyrone Mansion with her.


Emily took the glass with both hands and took a sip.

She lowered her eyes, letting them stay focused on the floor so that she could hide her feelings. All Emily could think about was Michelle's pompous face and her red eyes suffocating her. It was starting to give her a headache. She could imagine Michelle screaming at her.

"It's your fault! It's all your fault!"

Emily bit her lip and clenched her fists tightly, trying to chase away the thoughts that made her sick with shame and disgust.

Her body started to tremble abruptly and she almost dropped the glass on the floor.

Suddenly, Emily's thoughts drained her and sent her into a spiral of self-loathing. Somehow, she was convinced that Michelle had been right all along.

If it weren't for Emily, Rita's relationship with Michelle wouldn't have deteriorated so badly.

If it weren't for Emily, Michelle would still be with Jacob and they would have stayed together like a good couple, as they had been in the past.

Although Emily had no intentions of ruining Michelle's life, she had ended up doing exactly that.

Emily stared at the sloshing milk in her cup, and her eyes turned dark.

A sudden realization suggested that everything would get better if she just killed herself.

This idea formed in her mind, grew inside of her and filled her mind. She grew suicidal, thinking up ways to end it all.

"Do you want some rice?"

Jacob's voice entered her ears.

He gently put his hand on her shoulder as if to nudge her back to her senses. His eyes carried so much love and affection that Emily could feel his heat running to her body and warming her heart through the touch of his hand.

Caught in a trance, she raised her head with a faraway look in her eyes and blinked her groggy eyes open.


Emily was still tangled up in her thoughts.

"Do you want some rice?"

Jacob noticed her distracted expression. Her eyes were clear like a newborn baby's, yet she seemed to be completely in the dark about everything in this world.

Jacob's heart ached and he stroked the back of her hand to comfort her.

"I do!"

Emily nodded without even thinking, not knowing why she agreed to him, but she couldn't look away from his beautiful eyes. It was as if he had magic inside his eyes.

"Here you are..."

Jacob brushed her hair with his fingers

ssing it.

Just a few seconds ago, when he was looking away, Emily had crouched next to the bedside table and tried to bang her head in the corner.

If he hadn't used his hand to protect her, she would have been in grave danger.

"Hmm... If I die, everything will be fine. If I die, everything will be fine..."

Emily struggled to free herself from Jacob's arms and mumbled incoherently to herself.


Jacob called her name. However, he was afraid of waking her up like that. But no matter what, he had to stop her from putting herself in danger again, so he decided to follow her.

Tonight, Emily gave him the fright of a lifetime. Jacob could sense that something bad was going to happen.

Normally, when Emily relapsed, she wouldn't have enough strength to hurt herself. As long as he was there to keep an eye on her and stop her, she would be fine. However, today was different.

Suddenly, Jacob's eyes widened and his head went blank. He rushed over to Emily and stopped in front of her.

He threw caution to the air, grabbed her arm by one hand and covered her wrist with another hand.


he gasped in pain.

Jacob bit his lip tightly as he glanced at the wound on the back of his hand. However, he wasn't mad at Emily. He just held her in his arms as blood trickled down his fingers and dropped onto the floor. Emily's safety was his first priority, and he tried his best to calm her down. With a calm and soft voice, he whispered into her ear.

"It's okay! Everything will be fine! I am here!"

Seconds ago, he had found that Emily was not sleepwalking. She had opened her eyes, but her eyes were dull. She looked like a zombie without a thought.

Now, he was sure that Emily was suffering from hysterical depression.

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