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   Chapter 1087 The Top News

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Michelle secretly watched them from outside, wondering what Emily had done to deserve such a man's undying love and affection.

Michelle was green with envy, but she couldn't do anything about it.

She stood in the dark, enveloping herself in silence for a while before she turned around and walked away.

The following morning, daylight pushed back at the dark edges of dawn, reclaiming the colors of the day that had been washed into gray by the moonlit night. The world came back like a freshly developed photograph, every color bright and new. Jacob rubbed his forehead, and his eyes landed on Emily, who was still in deep sleep.

Her cheeks had a tinge of pink. Her fever was gone, but she still didn't show any signs of waking up.

Michelle, however, was already up and ready. When she walked past Emily's room, she saw Jacob tucking Emily's arms in. She narrowed her eyes and walked out of the hospital in a hurry.

Her instincts were telling her that what had happened last night was no coincidence. She knew she'd have to get to the bottom of this on her own to find the truth. Besides, she knew she wasn't going to get it from Jacob.

Michelle was one of the best spies in the world. If there was something she wanted to know, nothing could stop her from getting to it.

Within just a few hours, Michelle managed to hack into Emily's doctor's computer. After that, it didn't take her long to find out about Emily's pregnancy. This information hit her like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky. Not only had she been unable to win Jacob's heart, but also this pregnancy was going to make it even harder for her to succeed.

Before turning the computer off, Michelle took out her phone, and she was about to take a picture of the report when she noticed the most searched topic on the Internet.

"Emily spent the night at Jacob's house!"

"Emily and Jacob are back together. The press conference earlier had prepared for it."

"It's like a love story flick. The once abandoned wife gets taken back! Is it because of love? Or is it a trap?"

"Emily was seen at the hospital during the late hours of the night. Could she be pregnant?"

"Emily's life story from the First Lady of Jingshi City to the only daughter of the Ke Family."

"Emily and Jacob were seen dining at a restaurant famous for serving food for pregnant mothers. Is she pregnant?"

All the top news headlines were about Emily and Jacob. The topics ranged from their living situation to their love life and Emily's pregnancy...

It seemed as though Michelle was the last person to know about Emily moving back in with Jacob. She was also the last person to

th to say something, she lost her words.

"You... Where... Where is my phone?"

Her face blushed red in an instant. She panicked and turned her head to the side, mumbling incoherently.

"I probably lost it the night we came to the hospital. I will get you a new one later."

Jacob felt bewitched by Emily's spell. He was close enough to look at her long dark curled eyelashes and pink lips. If he didn't have great self-control, he might have already kissed her.

Jacob's deep voice entered Emily's ears and made her heart skip a beat.

She bit her lower lip and turned around to look at him. Her eyes were clear, and she was resolute. "Mr. Gu, please be mindful of your words and actions!"

The way Emily addressed him brought him back to reality.

It seemed as though Emily had dumped a bucket of cold water on his head without a word or warning. His eyes returned to their usual cold form. Gnashing his teeth, he replied, "Thank you for reminding me!"

Then, he stepped back and continued packing.

One big tear spilled from her eye and ran down her cheek. After all, she had been dreaming of kissing his handsome face as well. This was just as hard for her as it was for him.

It felt strange for her to feel so much pain. She was the one who had pushed him away. She had no right to cry.

It didn't take long for them to get back to Tyrone Mansion. The next day, Emily went back to her daily work. The following days passed by unremarkably, but at least Emily looked better.

When night came, Emily prepared a simple meal for Jacob. As she waited for him to return, she sat on the couch and stared out the window into the far distance. Although she looked calm, her eyes were filled with mixed emotions.

"Are you going to have some?"

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