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   Chapter 1086 Emily's Sickness

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Updated: 2019-12-01 18:28

The winter wind howled and bit at his frozen skin. His breath was pale against the numbing air, and he allowed the snow to patiently kiss his face. Even his eyes failed to conceal the look of concern from his face. With an entourage of guards behind him, Jacob marched to the hospital.

Emily finally woke up at two o'clock in the morning. When she fluttered her eyelids open and looked around the unfamiliar environment, it was Jacob's face that took her by surprise. A hint of nervousness came over her.

She was afraid that Jacob had found out about her pregnancy.

Almost in an instant, a flustered look appeared on her pale, colorless face. Frowning in puzzlement, she clenched her fingers under the cover. Apart from the pain in her stomach, Emily felt all right. It seemed that the baby was okay.

However, Emily didn't know what she would do if Jacob found out about the baby.

Jacob was sitting on a chair right next to her bed with a laptop on his lap. The way he was looking at the screen while his fingers tap danced on the keyboard gave Emily the impression that he was working on something important.

"Are you awake?"

While Emily's mind was wondering, Jacob closed his laptop and turned his face towards her. As his eyes fell upon her pale, colorless face, he frowned. "How did you hurt your stomach?"

The blood on his hand when he had touched Emily's waist last night had frightened him and broken his heart.

When Emily heard him asking about her stomach and not the baby, she let out a heavy sigh of relief.

Emily knew Jacob very well. He could be just as cold and ruthless as he was nice. If he knew about the baby, he would have mentioned the baby right away.

Emily felt a lot better when Jacob asked about her stomach. She exhaled a deep sigh of relief before telling herself to work hard so she could return Jacob's favor and leave with her baby.

Emily kept calm and feigned normalcy. She didn't seem too bothered about the unfamiliar environment she was in. In any case, she was too tired to put up an act. "It was an accident."

Indeed, it was an accident, but Michelle was the one who had caused it.

"I am asking you how it happened!"

Jacob pulled a long face. He suddenly took off her blanket, lifted up her shirt and pointed at the wound on her waist. His eyes turned red in anger as he stared at Emily and pressured her into

he wouldn't have accidentally found out that Emily was also in the hospital.

Jacob followed the doctor outside. After they reached a fair distance from Emily's room, the doctor whispered to Jacob, "Mr. Gu, the babies are fine. From what I can see in the medical examination report, I am certain she is going to have twins!"

This was a big news to Jacob.

His body froze, but the next second, he started to feel worried again.

Not only was Emily sick, but she was in no physical condition to carry twins.

"Mr. Gu, you don't have to worry too much. Although Ms. Emily is suffering from depression, as long as she manages her emotions well, she and the babies with be fine."

The doctor's words seemed to have given Jacob some respite. As his eyes landed on Emily's lifeless body on the bed, he said, "Please arrange for a full body examination!"

Needless to say, Jacob was still worried about her. When Emily had given birth to Beryl, she had suffered a lot. Fortunately, that hadn't been the case with Bowen, but Jacob didn't want to take any chances. Besides, it was different this time. She was suffering from a bad case of depression while carrying twins in her womb.

After the end of their conversation, Jacob took the appropriate medicine from the doctor's office and walked out.

The hospital remained quiet during the late hours of the night. Emily had fallen into deep sleep, thanks to the exhaustion from worrying about the baby. Jacob sat at her bedside and looked at her in silence. If only he could give her all the love he had inside his heart for her.

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