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   Chapter 1085 Set Me Free, Please

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8174

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Jacob rudely threw off Michelle's hand. His harsh voice sounded utterly desperate and merciless. A sense of coldness emanated from his body.

Deliberately, Michelle pushed Emily, who was standing right next to her.

Emily fell to the floor. Blood stained her back, wetting her loose dress. Frowning, Emily managed to stand up unassisted, and she looked like she didn't feel the pain at all.

"All right, that's enough! You two don't need to put on a love show for my benefit. I will go now and leave you two alone!"

Emily shouted in a trembling and fragile voice. Her tears were running nonstop across her hollow cheeks. As a matter of fact, she wasn't crying because she felt sad. She was crying because she could feel her heart aching at seeing Jacob acting like this.

Emily had never thought that Jacob cared about Michelle so much that he would become furious just because of these photos. She now assumed that Jacob must be completely in love with Michelle.

Jacob's heart sank the moment he heard Emily saying that she would leave in such an emotional way.

The reason Jacob had picked up the photos in such a rushed manner was that he hadn't wanted Emily to see them. However, he didn't realize that Emily would misunderstand his action. As far as Emily was concerned, he was trying to collect the photos because he cherished them so much.

Jacob was pissed off, probably due to Emily's words or the photos. He dropped all the photos abruptly. Gazing at Emily condescendingly, he suddenly seized her by the throat, gripping tightly with both hands.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere became terrifying. His coldness overwhelmed Emily thoroughly. Jacob glared at her with irrational eyes, looking like a devil from hell.

Emily felt herself struggling to breathe. Gradually, she began to lose consciousness. In a daze, she had a hallucination and saw Michelle's sneer and Jacob's receding figure. Suddenly, an inner voice spoke from her heart, saying, 'Just let it be… Death may be a good choice. At least, I will be free.

I won't feel any pain if I am dead.'

The inner voice was growing stronger and stronger. Emily couldn't identify or distinguish reality from her illusions any longer. Gradually, Jacob's face became vague.

"You want to leave? Emily, mark my words! You can only leave when I tell you so! You are stuck with me, forever. You will spend the rest of your life paying your debt. You owe me this!"


e was acting so weirdly calm.

The truth would come to light sooner or later. They would discover, one day, that Emily had always been with Jacob.

Hanging up the phone and snuffing out the cigarette, Jacob walked toward Emily's bedroom. When he stopped at her bedroom door, he heard Emily's weak murmurs and cries coming from the darkness behind the door.

"Jacob... Jacob..."

He pushed the door open slightly. Groping his way to Emily's bed through the murky shadows, he turned on the bedside lamp, staring at the woman who was lying on the bed.

Jacob couldn't help frowning. His heart ached at the sight of her. Emily lay huddled up on the bed with her eyes closed, and her pale lips were dry and cracked. Blood still clung to the corner of her lips, like a lost rose petal nestled there. Emily was covered in cold sweat, and she had obviously lost consciousness.

She had fallen ill again, and to make things worse, she had developed a high fever!

Jacob pushed back her covers abruptly and discovered that her thin silk pajamas were soaked through, clinging to her perfect figure. There was blood everywhere on the quilt, like a giant red flower.

His breath caught in his throat, and he struggled to breathe. His heart skipped a beat suddenly. Without caring about the possibility of being found out by Darren, Jacob rapidly scooped Emily up in his arms and rushed her downstairs.

At that moment, Jacob didn't even have time to think or recall that he had actually arranged for some medical staff to be on standby nearby.

The only thought in his mind was that he couldn't let anything happen to Emily.

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