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   Chapter 1084 Went Along With It

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A sarcastic voice sounded from the doorway. It shattered the silence in the room. Emily subconsciously lowered her hand, which had originally been resting on her belly. Then, she looked over at Rita. Seeing that Rita was still in a deep sleep, Emily let out a long sigh of relief.

"What's the point of acting so caring and nice? She is not going to see."

Michelle walked over. It seemed that she didn't notice or care that Rita was resting in the same room. She walked behind Emily like a tough girl. It looked like the weak and heartbroken girl she was in front of Jacob was someone else.

Emily didn't want to wake Rita and the baby. She pointed her finger to the door and hinted at Michelle to talk outside. Then, she walked out. Michelle saw her hint and followed her out. Emily closed the door, but cautiously kept a safe distance from Michelle.

She looked at Michelle, who had almost the same figure as Rita. The image of her lying in Jacob's arms appeared in her mind again. She had been telling herself to not worry about it. However, in this moment, Emily realized she had been faking all of her don't-give-a-damn expressions.

"You and Rita look really similar."

Emily's words were quite irrelevant. She looked calm, but deep inside, her heart was filled with sadness. She had the plastic bag clenched in her hand. Her fingers had lost all their color because of the pressure. Under her loose dress, her body quivered.

While Emily looked at Michelle, Michelle stared right back at her.

Michelle had believed that the coming of true love was not defined by any sort of order. However, when she saw Emily's delicate face, she wasn't so sure about it.

At this moment, Jacob did and would always love Emily. Even though he had lost his memories, he still loved her. To protect her, he would do anything.

Emily seemed to be his reason for living. Without her, he couldn't live for even a single day.

Michelle was surprised to see how calm Emily was. She looked her up and down. After seeing her messy dress and the marks on her neck, she couldn't help but feel jealous.

She assumed the marks on her neck were hickeys.

Michelle couldn't help but think that Emily had gone back to Jacob.

Michelle had, however, misinterpreted the

t Emily, Jacob had been on his way back to see her. At that moment, Michelle had run up to him.

Emily quietly stared at the pictures on the ground. Her eyes filled with tears, but she still pulled a bitter smile. Both of her trembling hands then reached up to cover her pale face.

A minute later, Emily heard Jacob's heavy footsteps on the floor. Without even seeing his face, Emily could feel his anger.

Jacob's eyes turned gloomy after seeing the photos scattered on the floor. His hands trembled as he carefully picked up all of the photos. A cold, but strangely gentle voice came from his throat. "Let's go!"

He had been with Emily day and night. It was clear to him that Emily hadn't taken these photos. He couldn't help but wonder who had taken the photos.

He had a guess of who was behind this.

He realized that these photos had hurt Emily's feelings and possibly even caused her to go mad and hurt herself. Emily gritted her teeth against the pain from her lower back and stood up straight.

Jacob reached his hand to her and tried to support her. She slowly took a few steps back and avoided his touch.

To Emily, all of his reactions were confirming that these photos were real.

Jacob had gotten back together with Michelle.

It made her heart ache.

The pain of his betrayal was way worse than the pain from her broken body.

The air grew heavy between them. Michelle cracked a smile and walked to Jacob. She tried to help him pick up the damning photos.

"Get lost!"

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