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   Chapter 1083 Visit Rita

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Jacob came back home in the late hours of the afternoon. When he walked in, he saw Emily sitting in the room all by herself. Her once beautiful eyes had become dull, as if the life had been sucked out of them. The vegetables had been washed and placed on the kitchen counter, but they hadn't been prepared for cooking just yet.

"Ja... Jacob. I am not slacking off. I just couldn't find the knife to cut the vegetables with. Should I go outside and get one?"

Emily started rambling after feeling his eyes on her.

Emily's purpose of living there was to return the favor to Jacob, and she didn't want to fail to live up to her end of the bargain. However, since there was a baby growing inside her stomach, Emily needed to leave Tyrone Mansion and Jacob before her belly started to show.

Jacob had come back from work, but dinner wasn't ready yet. Emily was afraid that he was going to get angry at her because of that.

Jacob frowned, but when he came to realize what was on her mind, he replied, "Don't worry, I've already eaten."

He wondered if she had eaten anything all day. Jacob was deeply annoyed with his oversight.

As a pregnant woman, Emily's body was in great need for nutritious food. Lately, he had been so distracted with work that he had completely forgotten about her. He shook his head and blamed himself for leaving her at home without any care.

"I am taking you out to dinner! Let's go!"

Jacob had his thin lips pursed together tightly, but after a while, he gave up.

"Don't worry... You don't have to..."

Emily refused him without even thinking. Her pale face showed traces of hesitation, as she occasionally looked at him eagerly, trying to find a good opportunity to ask him something.

It had been just over a day since the last time she had spoken to Rita. Emily wondered if Rita had already delivered the baby.

After all, she had promised Rita that she would visit her and the newborn baby. Unfortunately, Emily wasn't sure if she would have Jacob's permission to go to the hospital.

"Jacob, if you want to take me out for dinner, could you please take me to visit Rita instead? I promise I won't say a word. I won't do anything else... David is in the hospital too. You two are good friends... I'm sure he can keep an eye on me for you!"

Finally, having made up her mind, Emily blurted out everything she had bottled up inside her the whole day.

Besides, she had already lied to Hunk and Louis about staying with Rita. If she wasn't with Rita when she was having a baby, her lie would get exposed to Hu

mothers and sick people.

Neither of them said a word to each other the whole time. Emily finished eating very soon, but Jacob took his time to enjoy the food. Emily seemed to be worried about something as she kept looking at her watch.

Jacob, however, felt nice to be able to sit quietly at a table with Emily. After all, this moment would disappear once they left.

After a while, Jacob finally put down his chopsticks. He took a look at Emily, whose heart was pulling her to the hospital. "Let's go!"

Emily's face lit up like a criminal who had just been granted amnesty. She stood up and followed Jacob out.

Before long, Jacob's car stopped at the hospital parking lot.

Rita was absolutely exhausted, but that was to be expected of a woman who had just delivered a baby. Darren's unannounced visit had sucked the last bit of her energy. And as such, when Emily arrived, she was already in a deep sleep.

David was surprised to see Jacob here with Emily. He found an excuse and asked Jacob to have a word with him in private.

Suddenly, it was only Emily, Rita, and the sleeping baby inside the quiet room.

Emily's dry lips formed a smile. Her bright, clear eyes were full of happiness and excitement.

Rita's baby was really cute, and she wondered if her baby would be as cute too.

Without a conscious thought, her hands went over her belly. Emily didn't want to disturb Rita and the baby, so she stood at the side of the bed and looked at them sleeping peacefully.

"Emily, what are you doing here? You seem to be everywhere! What does my sister's baby have to do with you? Why can't you just stay with the Ke Family and be the rich girl? Why have you come here to bother us?"

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