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   Chapter 1081 Self-mutilation

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8395

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Emily was sleepwalking again.

Jacob felt like he was unable to breathe at the sight of this. It was like there was a blunt knife hacking into his heart over and over again until he was badly mutilated. His lips trembled, and his eyes turned red. However, he didn't utter a sound.

He was afraid to wake Emily up. If anyone who was sleepwalking was awakened, he or she would fall into a trance or, even worse, end up with psychiatric disorders.

Considering the raw mental state that Emily had been in recently, Jacob had to think of the worst consequences. He didn't dare to do anything that might trigger her descent into madness.

Jacob was getting more and more anxious by the minute as he looked at Emily. He silently reproached his assistant for being inefficient.

'Why is it taking so long to find the best doctor?' he complained to himself in his mind.

He tried his best not to move too much or make any sudden noises. His eyes carefully monitored Emily's state, fearing that she would be disturbed by him.

Jacob grabbed the first-aid box from the kitchen and placed it on the corner of the table. Matching Emily's random pace, Jacob bound her wrist, almost kneeling on the floor.

After Jacob finally managed to dress Emily's wound, he found his forehead sweating thoroughly, and he could hardly breathe.

Watching Emily gradually calm herself down, Jacob felt a little less nervous. He gingerly turned Emily's body slightly and carefully directed her towards where her room was, trying to help her get back to her bed again.

Settling her on her bed again, Jacob raised his hands to help tuck her in. He had planned to leave immediately. But noticing that Emily was frowning even in her sleep, he hesitated. Emily seemed to be anxious. Her eyelashes were trembling, her hands were trying to cling onto something, and she was murmuring as her lips moved slightly.

Jacob couldn't help frowning as well. He instantly picked up her cold hand and knelt next to her. Trying to warm her body with his, Jacob coaxed gently, "Don't be afraid. I am right here by your side."

Jacob lowered his head closer to Emily's constantly moving lips and tried to find out what she was whispering.

"Don't speak anymore. I don't want to die. I don't want to die..."

Emily's words were like a huge bomb to Jacob, exploding his entire mind.

He was shocked, and his body was frozen completely. All he could feel was a sense of coldness running through his whole body, from head to toe.

He was

ht of David, who was giggling like a simpleton with joy. Right now, David wasn't the man who could ride a whirlwind in the business industry. He was simply a father who was thrilled to see his newborn baby girl. Rita shook her head and raised her arms, trying to cradle the baby in her arms. However, she was too weak to even raise her arms.

"Don't move. I've got her."

David caught her arms quickly. Noticing that Rita was becoming upset, he coaxed her gently, kissing her on her lips as he said, "The doctor said it would be normal for you to feel weak. Just take it easy. Our baby girl is right here."

David held the baby in his arms and lay down on the bed as well. However, he only occupied a little space, with one of his legs on the floor for support, fearing that he might accidentally put pressure on Rita's body. David adjusted his posture in order to let Rita touch the baby. He said in a gentle voice, smiling even deeper, "Good girl, let's call your mommy."

There was no way that the newborn baby could understand what David was talking about. Instead of calling Rita "mommy," which was impossible right now, the baby was shocked by his voice and burst out crying.

"Don't cry, baby. Don't..."

Upon hearing the baby's desperate crying, Rita panicked. She wiped the tears off the baby's face and coaxed her anxiously. However, the baby was crying even harder.

"Look how capable my baby is. Even her cries are louder than any other baby's cries."

David wasn't worried at all. Instead, looking at his daughter who was wailing so loudly, he was even more thrilled and satisfied, and his eyebrows rose high as he smiled with a wide open mouth.

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