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   Chapter 1080 The Love And Hate

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8099

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She hadn't smiled with such happiness for so long. Jacob couldn't tear his eyes away from her smile.

However, he soon came to his senses. He didn't want to ruin the joyous moment for her, but he had no choice.

"You can't go."

His words were cold, harsh, and steady.

"Why?" Emily's smile froze, and her body started to tremble. After a moment of silence, she asked bitterly, "Are you afraid that I might cause you some trouble?"

She thought that he was refusing her because he didn't want anyone to know they were living under the same roof again. She felt pain lance her heart. Slowly putting her hand on her chest, she forced a smile onto her face. "Don't worry. I will be careful. No one will find out!"

Emily had already lost everything. She had only this one friend in her life. She desperately hoped that Jacob wouldn't thieve away the last bit of happiness in her life.

Jacob saw that her arms were hanging limp at her sides. Her sad face belied her bravado, and it broke his heart. He couldn't bear to look at her. His hands clenched tightly behind his back. It seemed to be the only way for him to suppress his impulse to hold her.

He tried his best to look calm. However, deep within his eyes, there was a painful struggle raging. An emotionless voice came out of his throat.

"It doesn't matter why. You can't leave!"


Emily was shocked, and her face reddened in anger. She suddenly looked up, but she quickly averted her gaze in panic the second their eyes met. She suddenly felt chilled to the bone. Her fingers trembled uncontrollably. She mumbled under her breath, "I just want to see Rita."

She really just wanted to take one look at Rita and the baby.

"There are too many things here that need to be taken care of. You haven't done the laundry. The curtains in the house are dirty. You can't just leave."

Jacob finally drummed up an excuse to make her stay. He closed his mouth to form a thin line and turned away. He couldn't look at her watery eyes. He seemed to be using those lame excuses to make himself feel better. Jacob nodded and asked, "Do you understand?"

"I understand. Can I go if I finish all of the work?"

Emily had found a loophole in his instructions. It seemed to be the last hope in her life.

She looked up and lifted her hand. She tried to grab Jacob's shoulder and pull him to a stop. However, she didn't. She just carefully put her arm

ot stop.

The two people, who loved each other so dearly, were continuously torturing themselves in Tyrone Mansion.

Time passed by a second at a time. It was late in the night. The clouds racing across the windy sky had set the moon flickering.

After peeking at the clock, Jacob sighed.

It was very late.

He was returning back home at such a late time to avoid Emily.


The door opened.


Jacob received a terrible fright and screamed out Emily's name the second he walked in. His eyes opened wide. The key in his hand dropped to the floor as he reacted in shock. He quickly ran to Emily. Grabbing the cutting edges, he snatched the sharp pair of scissors away from her.

However, he was still not in time.

Her wrist was bleeding. The blood ran down her arms and splashed to the floor, spreading like rose petals.

The stains were shockingly red on the white carpet!

Her wound was not fatal. However, it was severe enough to make Jacob panic.

"What are you doing?"

Jacob threw the scissors on the couch and held her shoulders. He didn't even care about the cuts that he had sustained on his hand. He just carefully checked her wrist.

"Hey! What are you doing?"

Jacob's hand froze while he gripped her wrist and was still checking on her wound. He suddenly realized that something was wrong.

He looked up at her pale face.

Then, he found the problem.

Emily's eyes were not open. They were moving rapidly underneath her closed eyelids, but her arms were hanging limp at her sides. Although he had shouted loudly, she still hadn't shown any reaction.

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