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   Chapter 1079 Reached An Agreement

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Sooner or later, Seamus felt sure he was going to watch Jacob fall.

"Oh, do you know that Jacob has hidden Emily at the Tyrone Mansion?"

Darren smiled, his eyes twinkling. He seemed to have just remembered it. He continued, "It has been a couple of days now."


Seamus was shocked. He looked at Darren in disbelief. He quickly leaned slightly forward and stared intently at him. It seemed that he didn't want to miss anything that Darren said. "Are you sure about it?"

Seamus hadn't expected that Jacob would do such a thing. It just proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Jacob had been faking that he didn't care about Emily from the very beginning.

Divorcing Emily and dumping Michelle was just part of his plan. In the end, his plan had failed the moment that he had taken Emily back under his wing.

"Here is the picture. Take a good look at it."

Darren lazily leaned back on the couch. He cracked a malignant and playful smile as he threw a picture to Seamus. He smiled satanically. "We have to act fast! If we don't, Emily is going to be Jacob's wife again."

Upon dropping the last word, his coldness, calculation and manipulation were completely exposed in his eyes. However, the dim lights in the bar concealed these and rendered them invisible to Seamus.

Seamus was now fuming with anger.

"Jacob!" He clenched his fist until his knuckles popped in rage. He punched the table with his fist, hitting hard.

A few tall wine glasses fell over and rolled to the floor with a continuously loud smashing noise.

Instantly, splintered glass tinkled all over the floor.


The waiter, who was close by, tried to clean up the mess. However, Seamus suddenly looked up at him. His eyes were grim and ghastly. He looked as frightening as a deadly poisonous snake. "Get lost! Now!"

"Y-yes, sir..."

His murderous eyes successfully frightened the waiter. The waiter backed away a few steps in fear and lowered his head. He didn't dare to look at Seamus's eyes and swiftly beat a retreat.

He scolded Seamus on the inside for his crazed look, but he didn't dare to speak a word.

"That's enough. Calm down!" Darren had his legs crossed. It seemed that he had expected Seamus's dramatic reaction. A faint sneer clung to his thin lips, but it quickly disappeared. He donned his good partner mask and said, "The only way for you to get Emily is to merge your

mouth. She took her phone from the bedside table. She had a new message and thought it would be another picture again. However, when she opened it, it was from Rita.

"Emily, I am going to deliver the baby. My water has broken. Can you come to the Central Hospital?"

Because of Michelle, Rita felt really guilty towards Emily. Her baby was coming! She had promised Emily that she could be her baby's godmother. Now, she was going to fulfill her commitment.

Feeling excited, Emily's eyes softened and sparkled. Remembering Rita's beautiful face, she smiled.

Her best friend was going to be a mother again!

At the same time, she held her stomach and looked forward to her own baby's coming.

Her fingers trembled in happiness. She replied, "That's great! I will be there!"

She didn't think of anything else but feeling happy for Rita. Rita was her only friend and was the closest person to her in the world, besides Louis and Hunk. Emily was determined to be there for her at her big moment.

However, she forgot about Jacob, who was in the house.

When she walked to the door, Jacob came up behind her and asked, "Where are you going so early in the morning?"

Emily had been hiding from Jacob for days. He had almost thought she was never going to leave her room.

However, she was greatly excited, which laid down her insecurities and lowered her alertness. She turned around, and with a big smile, she explained, "Rita is going to deliver her baby. I am going to see her in the hospital."

She looked directly at Jacob. Her eyes twinkled and were filled with anticipation.

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