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   Chapter 1078 The Big Loss

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Emily couldn't help but think about what Jacob and Michelle had done during those three hours.

She wondered if they had kissed, fed each other coffee or wiped the coffee stains from the corners of their mouths for each other. Many such thoughts went through her head.


Emily screamed in pain. She kept shaking her head violently and tried to shake off those ghastly thoughts. She cured up into a fetal position and held her legs. It seemed that this was her only way to feel better and safe.

In that way, she could temporarily escape from the evil man inside of her.

She didn't know why she had to suffer this.

Tears ran down her cheeks in an endless flow. Her tears fell on the floor, eventually forming a puddle of sorrow.

Last night, she had felt better. The evil man had seemed to leave her. However, after the glorious night of sleep, he seemed to have returned to haunt her again.

She couldn't help but wonder if the only way for her to be free of him was to kill herself.

Meanwhile, Jacob, who was sitting in his office, suddenly felt a sharp, stabbing pain as he was looking at the sales report.

He gave an involuntary grunt and held his chest, frowning.

He wondered what was going on.

"Mr. Jacob, are you all right?"

his concerned assistant walked closer and asked. He was startled by Jacob's sudden reaction. He quickly continued, "We are still working on finding the best doctor."

After he had received Jacob's order, he had been working on finding the best doctor in the world. However, it took time to get in touch with the doctors. Initially, he had thought that Jacob wasn't too serious about it. When he now saw Jacob holding his heart and suffering dramatic pain, he was shocked.

He couldn't doubt the news of Jacob's sickness anymore.

After a while, Jacob slowly lowered his hand. He concealed his panic inside and glanced at his assistant, saying coldly, "Okay. Just be quick."

He thought it was not a bad idea for people to think that he was sick and in a serious condition. Then, no one would know what was going on with Emily.

"Here are the summaries for all of the projects that we are working on."

The assistant nodded and passed the folder to Jacob. His expression had grown hesitant though. Looking at Jacob, he seemed to wonder whether he should say what was on his mind to his boss.

"What's on your mind?"

Jacob knew that the man had something on his mind after one glance at his waffling expression. He set the file down on the table and continued, "You can just tell me."

"Many of our projec


He wanted to protect Emily on his own. He didn't want to get help from the Ke Family.

Sam looked at Jacob in shock, but he quickly bounced back and nodded his head. "Will do, Mr. Jacob!"

Although he didn't understand why Jacob had turned down the Ke Family's offer, he believed in Jacob and was sure his boss had his own reasons to do so.

"Keep a close watch on her and protect her. I don't want anyone to know where she is. Don't let anyone get close to her without my permission!"

Jacob looked very dangerous. He seemed to have become a devil from hell itself.

At this moment, he was fighting for time.

On the day that Emily had left her house, Jacob had asked his men to follow after her. They had purposely covered her tracks. Now, the Ke Family was looking for her and trying to get information about her whereabouts from Jacob.

Darren was a slippery snake. Jacob feared that he might already know where Emily was.

While Jacob was thinking of how to handle the situation, Seamus and Darren were sitting comfortably on the couches at the Starlight Club.

"How did it go? What's the result?"

Darren asked with a mocking smile. He looked at Seamus, who sat across from him. He was swirling the expensive single malt whisky around in his glass while flipping a coin over his knuckles.

"It went well. Jacob has lost at least eighty million dollars."

Seamus' dark eyes glittered with a deeply cold light. He clinked his glass with Darren's, then he smiled triumphantly. "He should be in a flat spin now."

Although eighty million was not a big deal for the Gu Family, it was only the beginning. Seamus had prepared a big surprise for Jacob. There was a long road ahead of them…

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