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   Chapter 1077 Photos

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"Get out!"

Casting a disdainful look, Darren waved his hands at him towards the door. As he watched him run out trembling, he shouted, "Such a waste of space!"

Then, he leaned against the French window and broodingly looked at the empty street outside. Suddenly, a wicked smile was plastered on his face.


Aloud, he said to himself, "Are you satisfied with your life?"

Taking out his phone from his pocket, he opened up his gallery and scrolled to look at the pictures. After choosing the ones he needed, he sent them to Emily.

After seeing the "Sent" message, he turned off the light of his screen. The wicked smile appeared on his face again as he thought of Emily's reaction.

Unable to control what he felt anymore, he laughed out loud.

At the Ke Family's mansion...

Louis received some information sent by his informant. He learned that Emily was not with Rita. Instead, she was staying at Tyrone Mansion.

He was so engrossed in looking at the pictures that he did not realize that Hunk was approaching.

It was too late for Louis to hide them! Hunk had already snatched the photos from him. Anger could be seen in Hunk's dark eyes as he clearly looked at them.

"Father..." Anxiety clouded Louis's sparkling blue eyes. Worry was written all over his handsome face.

Things were piling up on Louis' plate, and he knew it. He was already worried that Emily would get more hurt as he thought of her odd behaviors. He knew very well that this was because of Jacob, who had changed a lot after that accident. Unluckily for Louis, now that he had been careless, Hunk already knew.

If it weren't for Hunk, Louis would have rushed to Tyrone Mansion to get her back. He blamed Jacob for all this mess.

This time, he knew that Jacob himself was asking for trouble even though they hadn't done anything to him.

"Louis, arrange a meeting with Jacob for me but don't tell Yvonne. I need to handle this alone!"

Hard as rock, cold as ice. This was what one could see and feel as one looked Hunk in the eyes. The hardness would make one unable to move, and the coldness would make one's blood freeze.

For so many years, Emily had been the child Hunk had been looking for. She w

you to shut up! Shut up!"

Emily clenched her fists and punched her head a couple of times. In pain, she fell on the floor. But the voice didn't stop.

"You are very tired now, aren't you? You know, only death can relieve you from all of these..."


Like a mad woman, Emily banged her fists on the floor until she was too exhausted to move. She lay on the floor with eyes wide open, looking at the ceiling with blank eyes, tears streaming down her face.

The voice became softer...


Raising her hand, she stroked her belly and closed her eyes. Tears of sorrow still continued to run down her face.

Still, one fact remained. She was carrying his child.

Holding onto that thought, she told herself not to give up!

"Brrring… Brrring…"

Her phone rang.

The phone hadn't broken despite her throwing it with all her strength.

Surprised, Emily didn't know what to do and how to react.

Having lost all her strength, she felt some pain in her belly.

After a few seconds, Emily reached for her phone. Disappointment flashed on her face as soon as she saw the messages.

Photos again.

This time, the photos were marked with time and locations as if the sender was making sure that she would understand them.

12 July, Starbucks, three hours

The first picture showed Jacob laughing and gently touching Michelle's nose.

Three hours...

Emily couldn't control her feelings. Pain spread all over her body and seeped into her bones.

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