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   Chapter 1075 Back To Tyrone Mansion

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"Okay, it's a good idea to stay with your friends... A new environment might do you good! Just remember to visit us often. Keep in touch with me and your brother! Don't worry about Bowen and Beryl. We will take good care of them!"

Hunk smiled and didn't force Emily to admit that she was lying, and he didn't force her to go get some sleep either. Instead, he shot Louis a meaningful look, hinting at him not to point out her lies.

Emily hardly ever lied about anything. Now, with her sudden desire to leave, she kept lying about her reasons, and Hunk was sure that she was hiding something.

Both of them didn't want to push her too hard. However, they were concerned and wanted to make sure that she was safe.

Emily was a tough woman with a steely determination. Even if they had asked, she would not have told them about the struggles of her life—her independent spirit would not allow it. It was better that they didn't know the secret at all.

Louis looked at Hunk with surprise. However, when he saw Hunk's determined expression, he got the message. Then, he turned to Emily, took out a black card and gave it to her.

"Yvonne, since you are going to visit your friend, it's a good idea for you to have some money. Here, take my credit card. You can use it for anything you want… Take good care of yourself. Please, let me know if you need help!"

Trying to stop them from asking more questions, Emily took the card.

The calmer she looked, the worse Louis suspected the problem to be. Now, he was sure that Emily was hiding something.

"Okay, I will,"

Emily said, nodding her head solemnly. She politely declined Hunk and Louis's offer to give her a ride to her friend's house. After she packed up her things, she drove the car to Jacob's house.

Not too long ago, she had been kicked out of this house. Now, standing in front of it, Emily had strongly mixed feelings. She stood quietly in front of the door but didn't knock.

Jacob was in a room on the second floor.

He stood in front of the window, looking down, and his eyes fixed on Emily. Seeing her abnormally thin figure and her mouth pressed into a thin line, his eyes were full of care, concern and love.

She was the one he loved the most.

Finally, Jacob decided to open the door. He was almost certain that if he didn't open the door, Emily would continue standing outside forever.

"You are late."

Everything had gone as Jacob had expected.

He opened the door and Emily didn't move a muscle. She stood there, exactly as he had seen her from his vantage point on the second floor.

"Sorry about that,"

Emily replied, but she was still quietly staring at her shoes. Her voice was flat and emotionless

ir come away from her head and stick to her hands. She rubbed it between her fingers before letting it go, but, of course, it stuck to her wet hands. Somehow, tears filled her eyes, and she breathed faster as she felt panic descend on her.

The lock of hair was now scrunched up into a big ball. It almost covered her whole hand!

Her mouth closed into a thin, trembling line. Emily put her fingers in her hair and pulled more of the locks from her head. She had only realized now that her beautiful black hair had somehow turned dry and messy, like bundles of straw.

Emily didn't know what had happened. She stared at her falling hair in great shock, and a bald patch showed where the locks had fallen from.

All of a sudden, she tossed her hair back and violently turned on the tap. She went into a mad panic, washing her hands with the running water. After seeing all the hair in her hand washed down the drain, she finally felt better.

Slowly, Emily released her breath, exhaling through clenched teeth. She started to try and convince herself with hypnosis.

She explained to herself that her hair was falling out because she hadn't been sleeping well. She was feeling too much pressure, and that was why her hair had turned dry. Emily told herself it would grow back once she established a better sleep pattern.

She resisted her impulse of combing her hair by raking her fingers through the once-lush locks. Instead, she continued cleaning Jacob's clothes, hardly scrubbing the fabric. Her eyes turned to a morbid rabbit red. Emily didn't notice her own reflection in the mirror. If she had, she would have seen that she was only skin and bones. Her face was pale, and she had dark circles beneath her eyes, which were sunken because of her sickly state. She looked particularly frail.

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