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   Chapter 1074 Making Up The Lie

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"Yvonne, Yvonne!"

Louis cried out in panic. Both Hunk and Louis were shocked by Emily's unusual behavior. Seeing that Emily was about to collapse on the ground, Louis immediately held her tightly and instinctively supported her. He patted Emily on the back, trying to comfort her.

"It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay,"

he said, trying to calm Emily down with the warmth of his hands.

As Hunk and Louis both tried to settle Emily, they looked at each other, and both men's eyes were filled with worry.

They felt as though there was something dearly wrong with Emily today.

What on earth had happened?

After several agonizing minutes, Emily finally returned to a more normal state as she lay in Louis's arms. She had also stopped shaking.

She slowly raised her hand and touched Louis's solid arm, feeling his warm strength. She felt a sense of the familiar and sighed.

'No, this is not a dream!

I'm in the real world!' Emily thought.

"Hunk, Louis, I'm okay. Don't worry about me."

Emily finally regained her senses. She tried hard to force herself to stop reliving the terrible memories in her mind. Squeezing out a faint smile, she shook her head gently at them.

She felt so sorry for making them worry about her.

"Yvonne, what's the matter with you? Tell us honestly."

Louis looked at her with a desperately worried expression, feeling anxious about her deteriorating condition. After all, it was plain to see that Emily's health was slipping—she looked just terrible!

Emily felt like she was living in another world, which was covered in darkness and despair.

She had been so fearful that she hadn't dared to touch the doorknob, and she had kept saying "Don't open the door!" over and over again.

"Ah, I'm sorry. I had a nightmare last night, and I couldn't find you guys in my dream. It scared me so much, so I just..."

Emily didn't want to recall the terrible fever-dream that she had experienced last night, so she explained it simply using as few words as possible. She knew that by doing so, she could alleviate Hunk and Louis's doubts.

"Oh, I see. That isn't so terrible..."

'Luckily, Emily just had a nightmare, and there's nothing seriously wrong, ' Louis thought with relief. After hearing Emily's explanation, he nodded his head with understanding and didn't give it another thought.

After all, it was natural for girls to have nightmares. He had seen a lot of people doing strange things when they woke up after their nightmares, and they sometimes failed for a moment to recover from the fear of the nightmare.


allowing her long hair to tumble forward to veil her face and cover her face to hide all her bad feelings.

If Louis and Hunk insisted on going with her, how would she find the chance to meet with Jacob?

But Emily knew that if she told them the truth, it would only make them even more worried, so she could only continue to lie.

"Louis... Hunk... Actually... Actually, I lied to you. I don't want to go away on a trip. I just want to go and find Rita. I'm worried about her. She needs my company now. She is going to have a baby any day now. But she is very weak, and she has suffered so badly. She is my only friend. So..."

With a deep breath, Emily's eyes suddenly became resolute. There was a faint smile on her dry and bitter lips, and her expression had also become peaceful, making it hard for Louis and Hunk to tell whether her words were true or not.

"I just lied to you because I'm afraid that you will worry about me, and won't allow me to go. I have experienced loss so many times, and Rita is my only friend. I want to be there for her. Don't worry about me. I won't be there for too long. I will come back frequently and keep you informed of my situation!"

Emily raised her head slightly, and blinked her clear eyes, while her lips curled into a sweet smile. The way she spoke with such a sweet voice stunned Louis.


To keep her company?

Hunk and Louis were both experienced men. How could they not notice that Emily was making excuses?

Louis had a rough idea of what she really wanted to do.

"Yvonne, actually, I think..."

Louis raised his eyebrows slightly while his eyes grew cold and disappointed. His voice was bitter and firm, but he was suddenly interrupted by Hunk.

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