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   Chapter 1073 The Real World Or A Dream

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8196

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Emily's face had lost all color. Her mind went blank. However, she managed to turn around and walk away from Jacob.

The sight of how desperate she was drove a nail through Jacob's heart and he hated himself for not being able to protect her.

'Emily, please just wait for me a little longer! This will all come to an end soon...'

The Jacob who loved and adored Emily so much was dying to get back to her.

Emily, however, had too much going on in her mind to notice anything else. Her mind was split in two. A part of her was screaming at her to give up on Jacob. As if her life would be beautiful without him in it.

And the other part of her was leading her to believe that death would end her misery.

Only by succumbing to the arms of death could she stop feeling the pain.

However, the voice that was coming from her heart, albeit weak, was telling her to be strong and to have more faith in Jacob and herself.

She walked into her room with deep conflicting feelings in her heart. The pain was almost unbearable, and she wished she could just slip into a coma.

She slowly moved to her bed and lay down. Then, she hid her face underneath the blanket as the sadness crept up inside and poisoned her.

Emily wept softly. Her shoulders quivered underneath the blanket.

She didn't know how she still had so many tears left in her eyes. After all, she had cried a river over Jacob by now.

Every time she saw him, she just wanted to run away.

Although she hadn't done anything wrong and Jacob was the one who deserved to be blamed, she couldn't help feeling guilty.

As time passed by, Emily lost track of where she was. She cried her eyes swollen. When she finally looked up, it was pitch-dark.

Emily was surrounded by darkness, as if she had fallen into a cave. She looked out the window, but even the moon was gone.

"Father? Louis?"

Emily frowned, and she suddenly became flurried. Slowly pushing away the blanket, she gently stepped on the carpet and walked out the door.

The entire house was in dead silence.

Suddenly, it had turned into a lifeless place. The eeriness frightened Emily.

She cried out for her father and brother again, but all she could hear was the echo of her own voice.

Once the echoes faded, all she could hear was her own breathing and her heart thumping inside her chest.

She ran towards the door and shouted, "Bowen? Beryl?"

'Where are the kids? Where did everybody go?'

what was going on, he didn't force her to stop in fear of hurting her, so he decided to follow her.

They both stopped right in front of Hunk's door.

Emily seemed to be scared of something as she shut her eyes and shivered even harder. Her thin, long fingers were wrapped over a doorknob once again, but she didn't turn it.

It was clear that she was struggling with something.

Emily remembered how, just a while ago, a voice outside the door had tried to convince her to jump off the rooftop in her dream.

That person had also tried to convince her to open the door, and she had almost done it.

For a moment, she wondered if this world she was in was, in fact, real or not.

She wasn't sure if she was in a dream within a dream.

Emily was afraid that the person behind the door would be something entirely different from her father.


While she stood in front of the door, debating against herself, the door was pushed open from the inside. Hunk walked out with a coffee mug, and the sight of Louis and Emily standing in front of the door took him by surprise. Puzzled, he asked, "Why are you..."

Before he could finish, however, he was interrupted by a loud scream.


Something seemed to have spooked Emily. Her face was pale, bereft of color. She screamed and hid herself in Louis's arms and shut her eyes tight.

Louis leaned in closer and heard her talking about a door. "Don't open the door... Don't open the door... Don't come over! Stop! Don't come over..."

The sight of her acting like that put Louis and Hunk in a strange position as they were immensely worried about her.

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