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   Chapter 1072 The Second Choice

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Soon, Emily realized her actions might reveal the secret of her pregnancy. She quickly acted more normally and casually and put her hand down. Then, she calmly looked at Jacob.

However, Jacob was very detail-oriented. He had already noticed her little tricks. Although he cared deeply about her, he couldn't walk to her and hold her in his arms.

He used to think that their love had strengthened him. However, he realized it was his weakness, with incidents one after the other revealing his weakness—Emily.

Their love would make them stronger to face their problems. However, it couldn't help with sickness or prevent harm from outsiders.

Therefore, as much as he wanted to give her a warm embrace, he couldn't take the risk.

"Don't you think it's time for you to repay me for the favor I did for you?"

Jacob's cold eyes had turned sharp.

This was the only excuse he had left to get close to her. He treasured every second in which they were together.

Emily tried to think of what he was referring to.

Her brain started to sift through her memories. Suddenly, she remembered that night. It was the night that he had saved her from Bill. She did owe him a favor. However, Emily didn't plan to use Louis and the Ke Group to return his favor.

"I remember. I will return your favor sooner or later."

Emily had a grave look on her face. Her bright eyes had turned cold, and her manner was distant.

It seemed that Jacob didn't get her message that he was unwelcome. Instead, he squeezed himself into the foyer and closed the door. A faint smile hovered on his lips. Jacob teased, "Aren't you afraid that the paparazzi and your neighbors will notice me standing outside? If news gets out, I'm not the only one who will be the topic of the city's dinner discussions, you and your family will be too!"

Hunk had already announced Emily's true identity. If anyone caught Jacob standing in front of her door and talking to her in private, both the Ke Group and the Ke Family would be in a tough spot.

Emily bit her lips and nodded her head. "Fine, come in!"

From wh

he would be able to pay back Jacob's favor. On the other hand, she could also check to see if he had regained his memories.

She paused long enough to weigh up the pros and cons. Finally, she agreed to the deal.

Her pale face and cold expression broke Jacob's heart. He held his mug tightly and swiftly suppressed his urge to embrace her. He donned a heartless expression and said coldly, "Great! Since you agree, I will see you tomorrow morning at eight o'clock. The house is really messy… As for the termination date of your service...well, it will depend on your performance!"

Jacob just wanted her to stay in Tyrone Mansion with him. Then everything would be fine.

He figured it was safer for her and the baby to stay with him. He just needed to be able to pay more attention to her.

"Okay, deal!"

Emily replied under her breath as she gently bit her pale lips. She then stood up and walked to the stairs with a slight stumble in her step.

She seemed to be off balance.


Her skinny face tore Jacob's heart. He quickly walked to her and wanted to call her name. However, he stopped himself at the last second. Instead, he said, "Make sure to talk to your family. I don't want Louis or your father to come to my door and trouble me!"

Emily sneered bitterly.

It seemed that she was nothing more than a trouble for him. Her family was a trouble for him too.

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