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   Chapter 1071 The Dress

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6931

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She kept telling herself, 'Emily, the two of you are no longer a married couple. You can't fall in love with him again.

You just can't, even if you're carrying his child now!'

It was meaningless to latch on to someone who didn't even love you.

Jacob looked at Emily and noticed that she had removed her hands from her belly. There was love and tenderness in his eyes. He only dared to look at her when she had looked down.

She was thinner and more haggard than before...

He frowned and wondered how the people of the Ke Family were looking after her. Emily now looked even worse than before.

The bones of Emily's slender frame were almost sticking out through her fleshless skin. Her red lips had turned pale and dry. And the black rings under her eyes showed clearly that she was not in a fit state of health.

He had thought that if Emily went back to her own family, she would be more comfortable. But it had turned out to be the opposite of what he had hoped for, though she had seemed lifeless when she had been back at the Tyrone Mansion as well.

Jacob was really worried about her physical and mental state.

However, what Jacob didn't know was that no matter how carefully she had been taken care of by those in the Ke Family, it was hard to bring someone back once their heart was dead.

"Ah… Jacob, why have you come here…?"

Emily suspiciously raised her head to look at him because he had remained silent all this time. But she didn't notice that Jacob had also been looking at her. Therefore, she made brief eye contact with Jacob, whose eyes were so clear and filled with affection. Immediately she looked down, her heart suddenly beating like a drum.

Her face had unknowingly turned red, while her heartbeat kept accelerating...

Had she just misread his look?

At that moment, Emily felt that she had seen a familiar tenderness in Jacob's eyes.

Had he really regained his memory?

That thought made Emily feel a little hope flare in her broken heart. Had he come here to tell her that he had regained his memory?

Was he

like sarcasm to Emily.


Could it be about him regaining his memory?

Emily still hoped that Jacob had remembered, and that he still loved her. She hoped unrelentingly that he would bring them back home, even after having been hurt so many times by him.

Not only did Bowen, Beryl, and the baby she was carrying need a father, but she also wanted the man, who used to love her with all his heart, back.

But that was just her wishful thinking. Her reason finally triumphed over her emotions.

Why would he come here to fetch Michelle's clothes if he still remembered and loved Emily?

Michelle must be very important to him because he seemed to care so much about her belongings.

"No need, there's nothing we should talk about."

Emily pulled the door handle, trying to hide her true feelings and close the door.

But Jacob suddenly stopped Emily, his hands grabbing the door and gently pushing it open with his eyes firmly set on her. He moved slowly, being so afraid that this sudden and reckless action would accidentally hurt Emily and their baby.

"You... What are you doing?"

Emily was shocked and backed away with her hands held protectively on her belly, and she looked at Jacob with large eyes filled with fear.

Despite having known him for so long, she had never seen him act like this before, and she was inexplicably afraid of him.

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