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   Chapter 1070 Jacob Could Not Control His True Feelings

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9181

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With tears in her eyes, Emily suddenly noticed the scissors on the bedside table. She felt so weak that she was unable to stand up, and her expression became glazed over. Then a terrible idea popped into her mind.

'If I took those scissors and stabbed them into my heart, all my troubles would vanish into thin air.

But… Oh, no!'

Emily instantly regained her sanity. Startled by the darkness of her own thoughts, she felt a cold sweat run down her back, and her fingers trembled. With a shake of her head, she tried to abandon those unrealistic, dangerous ideas, and she repeatedly warned herself not to think like that.

Now that she was pregnant, she could not afford to do anything stupid.

It had gotten dark, but Emily still lay awake in bed, staring blankly up at the ceiling.

In the moonlight, the blades of the scissors shone silver and luminescent.

Meanwhile, Jacob was anxiously waiting in his office for news about Emily.

"Mr. President, I've heard from the attending doctor that Miss Bai fainted during this afternoon's rainstorm, after which she was taken to the hospital. And… And she's also two months pregnant."

The assistant stood before Jacob, his head bowed in a respectful manner. Being unsure of how Jacob would react, he kept a cautious watch on his own expression lest he cause offense.

It was obvious that Jacob's dealings with Emily had been capricious of late, so, even though the assistant knew Jacob well, he was not sure what was really going on in Jacob's head.

'If he really loves Emily, why did he do such cruel things to her? Yet, if he doesn't love her…why would he bother to send his men to inquire about her? He's behaving so strangely!' the assistant thought to himself.


Jacob's pen fell from his nerveless fingers to the ground. With furrowed brows and a dumbfounded expression, he suddenly looked up at the assistant and then jumped up. With a look of disbelief, he asked, "She is pregnant?"

As Jacob asked this question, he was not aware that his hands were trembling. At this point, his mind had become swamped with confusing thoughts. He tried to remember what had happened before.

'I don't think she'd have gotten pregnant a few days ago. It's too early. So...'

His heart ached when he thought of the night, two months before, when he had divorced Emily.

'Could it be that day? Was that when she conceived?'

He could not forget the blank look in her eyes and her cold, despairing voice before she left that day.

"Jacob, I hate you!"

Emily's hysterical voice still echoed in his ears. Whenever he thought of that day and what he had done to her, he felt a terrible heartache.

"She's two months pregnant. But you only found out about it now!"

coward, but he did not dare to ring the doorbell again.

'If Emily is not at home, and Louis or Hunk opens the door? Of course, I can face them calmly.

But what if Emily opens the door?

How will I face her?

I've hurt her so many times, which has left her disappointed in me. If she knows that I've come to see her, she will inevitably be hurt again. If I give her hope and then dash that with disappointment, how can she bear it?

That way, she will feel even more confused and sad.'

Jacob's thick black eyebrows were deeply furrowed with concern, and there was a gleam of pain in his dark eyes. Tortured by these painful thoughts, he decided to give up. Then, he quietly turned around and was about to leave.

At this moment, he suddenly heard a sweet and familiar voice, accompanied by the opening of the door.

"Louis… Why are you back so early?"

Only moments before, Emily had come downstairs while bracing her waist with her hand. Hunk and Louis had gone to the company, and the old housekeeper had gone shopping for food at the market, so she had been left alone at home. Since she had no need to hide her pregnancy when she was alone at home, she walked very carefully with her hand supporting her belly.

She had thought that Hunk and Louis were back, and she took her cup of tea and walked over to open the door. However, when she opened the door, she was confronted by Jacob's familiar face. She had missed the man very much, but he had caused her great pain.

The moment she saw him, she froze. Having just taken a mouthful of jujube tea, she almost choked. Emily swiftly moved her hand away from her waist and put it behind her back. Then she lowered her eyes, trying to hide her confused mix of excitement and nervousness. Pretending to be calm, she asked in a flat tone, "Why are you here?"

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