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   Chapter 1068 She Is Pregnant

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A black car passed by. The woman in the passenger seat was staring through the window at the rain. She was occupied with thinking about what Ray had told her.

"Miss Michelle, it's Miss… Miss Emily..."

The driver had noticed Emily next to the road, and he leaned forward, narrowed his eyes, and tried to see through the pouring rain.

Michelle took a single glance and looked away calmly. The road of enemies was sure narrow. She hadn't expected to see Emily out here on the road while she was on her way to sign a contract.

She just felt annoyed at the sight.

"Keep going!"

Michelle didn't ask the driver to hit Emily, which was already enough of a kindness in her opinion. There was no way that Michelle would save the person she hated the most in the world.

Emily had taken away not only Michelle's long-lost sister, but also Jacob's love. Now, even Ray hated Michelle because of her.

Everyone seemed to care a lot about Emily. Therefore, there was no need for her to care about Emily too.

"She seems like she's about to pass out. If we don't stop, I am afraid that she might..."

Seeing Emily lying on the ground and trembling, the driver didn't have the heart to leave her like that. So, he asked Michelle again.

He had heard some of the rumors about Emily and Jacob. However, it was none of his business. But no matter what, he just couldn't watch her black out on the street. The rain turned heavier. If he didn't do something, Emily would probably end up in the hospital, or worse.

Although he didn't know much about Emily, everyone at the company had admired her and thought she was a good boss. Thus, he couldn't help but worry about her.

"Shut up!"

Michelle glared at Emily through the rain-streaked window and pulled a long face. She scolded the driver as he slowed down. "Didn't you hear me?"

She had to give Emily credit for earning everyone's sympathy. Even her own driver, who barely knew Emily, pitied her. No wonder Jacob couldn't forget about her either.

"Ah? Okay… Miss Michelle..."

Feeling Michelle's anger, the driver shivered and nodded his head. He reluctantly turned his thoughts away and kept driving.

As he passed Emily

caught up in the happiness of having a new baby that she didn't think about anything else. However, the doctor's last words reminded her of Jacob.

"If you want to stay, then you will have to be my sex slave!" he had said.

Jacob's words echoed inside her head. She looked down, her eyelashes covering the sorrow in her eyes.

Emily figured it would have been that night that she gotten pregnant.

After seeing the change in her expression, the doctor became concerned. She asked in a serious tone, "What's wrong?"

Now, it looked like Emily didn't want the baby anymore.

She had been a doctor for years and had seen a lot of separation and death. However, she still felt angry whenever parents decided to give up their babies. The more lives she saved, the more precious she felt every life was.

"Is it… healthy?"

Emily asked hesitantly. Her voice was low, but it didn't conceal her sadness.

"It is. I think it really wants to see this world. Don't you want it?"

The doctor put down the things in her hands and sat on the bedside. Stressing each word, she asked, "Are you certain about it?"

The doctor's rhetorical question made Emily rethink everything.

She wanted to keep the baby.

But Jacob didn't love her anymore.

If she kept the baby, it would end up being a kid without a father.

She didn't know if it was right for her to let it come into the world, knowing that her child would never experience a father's love.

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