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   Chapter 1067 Hot Search In Microblog

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Louis dreaded how Emily would react when she saw the video. After all, Jacob had severed his relationship with Emily in the public eye. It was also Jacob who had affirmed her position within that very year.

Emily was a woman with a one-track mind, so she would probably grieve after getting the news.

"I had coffee with my friend a moment ago. Now, we are in the shopping mall to buy some clothes and stationery for Beryl and Bowen before they go to school. I will be back as soon as it stops raining."

The rain had become heavier, but Emily had collapsed in a street corner. She tried hard to keep her voice and emotions untouched as usual, yet the chill had turned her limbs cold, rigid, and aching with pain. It was hard to tell whether the chill came from the rain or the deepest part of her body.

"Okay, have you checked the news on your phone or chatted with anyone?"

Louis frowned. Emily's seemingly steady voice relieved him a little, but the lack of noise from people around her seemed to betray her words. He could only hear the rain.

'Doesn't she know about the press conference that Jacob held? Or is she just pretending to be unaware of the press conference since she already knows about it?'

A wisp of restlessness pumped through his veins. His blue eyes shone and fear filled them.

He could hide the news for a moment, but he could not hide it for a lifetime. Emily would know about it sooner or later, and she would feel sad and aggrieved for sure.


What a heartless man he was!

How could Louis let the chief culprit get away with murder, while letting the victim suffer torture? He hadn't exerted pressure on Jacob because he had saved Emily from Bill's bed, plus Emily had begged him not to. Now, Louis's tolerance towards Jacob seemed like an act of connivance that had allowed him to do more harm to Emily.

Louis must, therefore, teach Jacob a lesson for the sake of Emily, the Ke Family's reputation, and the two innocent children.

"No, what happened, brother?"

Her brows tightened. Louis's and Seamus's words still

All these words were even colder than Jacob's. Emily felt her throat close up in pain and she choked on the flood of emotional fatigue that threatened to overwhelm her.

As they had said, Emily had been abandoned by Jacob, a man who had recovered his memory.

'Did he really fall in love with Michelle? Jacob said at the press conference that they're only friends, but what about Michelle's dress in Tyrone Mansion?

What about his snapshot of Alice for Michelle?

What about SL Jewelry, which he presented to Michelle?

All the facts probably mean that he likes Michelle! The press conference was just a trick to avert all the netizens' attention to me so that nobody would pay any more attention to Michelle. He is helping Michelle at the cost of harming me!

Ho, ho...

Such a good move. He has successfully severed his relationship with me. At the same time, it's a considerate plan of protection for Michelle.

Emily, did you see that?

You are only a pawn! You are only Jacob's divorced ex-wife, and only the mother of his two kids. The person he loves is Michelle!' All these bleak thoughts crept into her mind, causing a din that drowned out logical thought.

Gradually, she started to suffocate. The voices and perception of the rain were vanishing.

Finally, the whole world became quiet. It was a new world. A world without Jacob, Michelle, or harm.

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