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   Chapter 1066 Dina's Thought Of Leaving

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7087

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Seamus quickly stood up, ran out the door and tried to chase after Emily. He was too worried to keep his footing steady. The waiter outside the door held him up and stopped him from falling.

"Are you okay, sir? I need you to pay before you leave. Your total is..."

The waiter had heard the screaming and yelling from where he had been standing. From his years of experience, he knew that the woman inside would probably run away and the man would try to chase her down. In case they ran off without paying the bill, he had been waiting outside.

"Fuck off!"

Seeing Emily getting further and further away from him, he rushed ahead in a mad panic. He took his anger out on the hapless waiter and dropped the money on the table. Then, he pushed the waiter out of his way and ran after Emily.

The waiter picked up the money while cursing at Seamus under his breath.

"Emily, wait!"

Seamus had run outside only a few moments later. However, it had been long enough for him to lose track of Emily. She had disappeared.

Looking around the busy street, Seamus clenched his fist and smashed it into a nearby pole. Blood immediately trickled out of his cracked knuckles.

"Damn it!"

Gnashing his teeth, he shouted in frustration and gave up on chasing her.

Suddenly, he thought of something and took his phone out. He quickly typed a message and sent it to Darren.

"It's done. Don't forget your end of the deal!"

While holding Dina in his arms, Darren received Seamus's message. After reading the text, he cracked a smile of great satisfaction.

"What is it that's making you so happy? Is that slut sending you a dirty message?"

Dina noticed his smile, and she therefore asked the question. She tried to casually glance at the screen. However, Daren seemed to realize her intention. He put his phone to the side and kissed her. He teased her in a deep voice, "Are you jealous?"

"Humph. You promised to love only me! Why are you talking to another woman?"

Dina replied along with what he said. However, she knew from her guts that there was something big he was hiding.


pain was going to kill her.

She just wanted this unending pain to stop.

The cold rain pelted her and soaked her lower legs. Emily's tangled hair stuck to her face. She struggled to stand up. Suddenly, a sharp pain issued from her stomach.

She gave a choked cry and tried to keep her balance as she doubled over in agony. Staggering a few steps forward, she slumped back to the ground.

Everything turned dark around Emily. She slowly lost consciousness as, finally, she blacked out. Before passing out, she mumbled, almost sounding unintelligent.

Jacob's name croaked hoarsely from her throat, but the name was covered by the sound of rain. In the end, it disappeared into the storm.

The place she was in was an upscale residential district. People barely walked by. It was very unlikely for anyone to find her.

A ringing phone drew her back to her senses. Seeing the familiar name on her phone screen, she held her discomfort and pain in and crawled to a quiet place. Then, she picked up the phone.

"Louis... What's up?"

She tried her best to control the shivering in her voice so that Louis wouldn't find anything amiss.

"Yvonne, where are you?" He was nervous, but he was trying to hold his emotions inside.

Jacob's press conference had shocked everyone. Even Louis had been surprised by the news.

Jacob had denied his relationship with not only Michelle but also with Emily.

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